Technology In Modern Life

Chapter 1 THE PROBLEM This season pauses of the emendment of the examine, cunningives of the examine, presumptive and conceptual framework, aim and limitations of the examine, import of the examine and restrictedation of provisions. Improvement of the Examine As men feed in this fourth thrive globe national as the Ubiquitous age, divers impracticpowerful things made lovely through Comprehension Technology. They were grateful to the millennium of philosophical discoveries and newfanglednesss, commonalty’s feeds entertain transformed. It is due to deceased technology why man’s prevalent way of assistance beseems new-fashioned. The new-fashioned technology that qualifys men to diminish the bundle of attempt, succor abstinence and augmentation indemnification. Most of the haughtyest figments entertain focused exclusively on technological promiseinatements. In broader apprehension, rational entertain favored magnanimous divers other things balance the gone-by 1000 years. Humankind’s notional output ps a stupendous stroll of arenas in analysis to investigation and engineering – each delay their own magnanimous outcomes and newfanglednesss during the ultimate millennium. Technology is the making, species, exercitation, and notice of tools, machines, techniques, crafts, schemes, regulates of form, in enjoin to unfold a totality, reform a prepenny reresolution to a totality, promiseinate a motive, discuss an applied input/output aspect or fulfil a restricted power. It can so apply to the assemblage of such tools, machinery, speciess, arrangements and procedures. Technologies significantly favor rational as courteous as other lewd species' power to repress and harmonize to their typical environments. Technology can be viewed as an truth that forms or changes cultivation. Additionally, technology is the adjunction of Mathematics, Science, and the arts for the amiable-tempered-tempered of morals as it is national. A new-fashioned specimen is the melt of despatch technology, which has diminished barriers to rational interforce and, as a conclusion, has accelerationed spawn new subcultures: The melt of cyberculture. As a cultural truth, technology predates twain investigation and engineering, each of which formalizes some aspects of technological endeavor. Engineering is the motive-oriented scheme of wily and making tools and schemes to exploit typical phenomena for trained rational media, repeatedly (but not frequently) using conclusions and techniques from investigation. The outfollow of technology may sketch upon divers arenas of notice, including philosophical, engineering, substance-of-fact, linguistic, and literal notice, to promiseinate some trained conclusion. 1 The elimination examine is conducted in rejoinder to the 1987 Constitution of the Renational of the Philippines, Season 14, Education, Investigation and Technology, Arts, Cultivation and Sports, Section 10 and to unit: “Science and technology are indispenspowerful for exoteric outfollow and augmentation. The State shall furnish pre-eminence to elimination and outcome, figment, newfangledness, and their utilization; and to investigation and technology teaching, inoculation, and practices. It shall acceleration vernacular, misspend, and self-reliant philosophical and technological capabilities, and their adjunction to the state's causative schemes and exoteric morals. ” 1 This season discusses the significance of entire outfollow or discoveries. Thus, as a University, it should acceleration all the elimination that obtain be conducted by the tyros to motivate them to conclude up delay a technology that obtain elevate the outfollow of the state as a entire. Style entrusting is one of the most leading suspect factors of the artifice, livelihood, and covet-promise use of expressway. Nowadays, it beseems departed contemptible that the way demeanor is magnanimously injured by the balanceloading styles. As a conclusion, the balanceloading enforcement would be the potent gauge for preventing the expressway from nature injured by balanceloading styles. 2 Economic augmentation demands an diffuse enravishment infrastructure. Public-way networks fix wholesome outfollow of chattels enravishment intercourse. However, in this very-abundantly competitive and burn-conscious intercourse, departed and departed proprietors or operators lean to balanceentrust their trucks to minimize enravishmentation burns, posing a painsful lavish to the prophylactic of despatchrs, itinerants and other way sers. Overloading is so a big debauchery for intercourse police. Intercourse police can merely spot-bridle styles on the way inveteblame on their own proof, which is positively not diffuse in averting balanceloading. As computer technology grows, a departed potent and sharp balanceentrust challenge scheme has conclude into use. 3 Inveteblame on the talents of the Way Intercourse Act 1988 of the United States of America, style users fix that the styles which they despatch styles are not balanceloaded. In the incident that a style is endow to be balanceloaded then twain the despatchr and operator could be prosecuted or cautioned. It is blame port in remembrance that one obtain be in gap of the law if the entrust which a despatchr carries is heavier than the style is artificeed to obstruct, or the entrust is artful causing one or departed of the axles to entertain to submit-to too abundantly rule and that the penalties which can be imposed are far from trifling. The law imposes fines for each misdemeanor – and that can be in deference of each balanceloaded axle plus the aggrepreamble balanceloading as courteous. What is departed, if the style is hazardously balanceloaded then, the despatchr could stagnant aspect a commit of Hazardous Driving which could conclusion in prison doom for up to two years. It is not upright the master and/or the proprietor of the style who may be amenable. There is entire possibility that if an balanceentrust is unmasked the despatchr obtain be prosecuted and may end up delay 3 punishment points on his or her despatchr’s assign. The misdemeanors below the Way Intercourse Act 1988 procure that anyone driving a style which is balanceloaded commits an irresponsible injury. This media that an misdemeanor is committed smooth if the despatchr or proprietor was not assured of the balanceloading. 4 RFID is inveteblame on a manacle of philosophical discoveries from some of the most leading psychological pioneers love: Michael Faraday in 1846 verified that twain trifling and radio thrives are distribute of electromagnetic duration. James Maxcourteous in 1864 propounded his regularity that electric and magnetic duration travels in opposite thrives at the acceleblame of trifling. Heinrich Hertz in 1887 proved Maxwell’s regularity and showed that radio thrives may be reflected, refracted, and polarized love trifling. Guglielmo Marconi demonstrated covet length transmission of radio thrives. Currently, styles on the national-way can merely be verified by habitualally lection their assign dishs, which rarely does not attempt totally due to environmental modes love rain or fog or meanness on the assign dish. Additionally, it is courteous national that enravishments of irregular entrusts and hazardous chattels are not frequently effected on the open ways. This totality cannot be causatively repressled by police officers. Authorities can enextensive a scheme embedded in the way or on wayside for identification of styles on the national-way, shuning the totalitys of the assign dish cameras. Integration to an electronic compliance scheme, which can bridle the compliance of each irregular enravishment and their ordinary passage. 5 Identification is a potent interpretiness, suited in classifying, counting, and organizing cunnings. These deeds are indispenspowerful to divers aspects of new-fashioned morals, including manufacturing, the logistics of division, and the different stages of give manacles, and they feel-effect on scales ranging from the flatten of the idiosyncratic burnr to that of global employment. In the gone-by, identification was fabricated visually—by observing singularitys of cunnings. When copies of fabricated cunnings that are indispensablely similar entertain to be verified, distinguishing markings entertain been acquired. Causative and deferential media are demanded to distinguish-again the markings and thus pointize the similarness of the conspicuous cunnings. Therefore, an identification scheme pauses of substantiateing markings and interpreters of those markings. Radio Reckon Identification (RFID) is a media of substantiateing cunnings by interrogating a rare singularity of the cunning (such as a rare substantiateing reckon treasured on a silicon piece ensure to the cunning) using radio thrives. This technology promises enjoins-of-magnitude magnanimouser aptitude and truthfulness than were lovely anterior technologies. Although RFID is not a new outcome, advances in semiconductor technology entertain now made this regulate trained and abundantly departed burn-effective. RFID has divers practices balance visual markings—primary shapeneighboring them the power to substantiate cunnings delayout the talents of troddenion of perception. This media that cunnings can be verified smooth when they are tightly packed unitedly or their demeanor markings are removed, faulty, or obscured. 6 Radio Reckon Identification describes a scheme of identification. RFID is inveteblame on storing and distantly retrieving comprehension or postulates as it pauses of RFID tag, RFID interpreter and end-end Database. RFID tags treasure rare identification comprehension of cunnings and tell the tags so as to assign distant restitution of their ID. RFID technology depends on the despatch among the RFID tags and RFID interpreters. The stroll of the interpreter is contingent upon its deedal reckon. Usually the interpreters entertain their own software ordinary on their ROM and so, tell delay other software to discuss these rare verified tags. Basically, the adjunction which discusss tag abatement comprehension for the end user, tells delay the RFID interpreter to get the tag comprehension through antennas. Divers eliminationers entertain addressed issues that are connected to RFID relipower and interpretiness. RFID is continuing to beconclude ordinary owing it augmentations aptitude and procures emend practice to stakeholders. RFID technology has been realized as a fulfilance differentiator for a diversity of wholesale adjunctions, but its interpretiness is yet to be extensively utilized. RFID technology has passed through divers phases balance the ultimate few decades. The technology has been used in tracking tender of chattels, in herald practices and in baggage handling. Other adjunctions includes habitual duty payments, departmental approximation repress in extensive buildings, singular and style repress in a distributeicular area, guard of items which shouldn’t license the area, equipment tracking in engineering firms, hospital filing schemes, etc. Exercitation of haughty-acceleblame RFID tag-readers quickly mounted in the bottom of the national-way and an identification and repressling software which, for specimen, can bridle if the open passage of an irregular entrust enravishment is unquestionably used. Wen (2010) presents an sharp intercourse superintendence alert scheme delay RFID technology. The scheme procures twain trainedly leading intercourse postulates assemblage and repress comprehension and can investipreamble wrong or unfair styles such as stolen cars or styles that miss tickets, dutys or style taxes. The scheme structure pauses of an RFID interpreter, a quiescent tag, a singular computer, a span of infrared sensors, and a haughty-acceleblame ministerr delay a postulatesbase scheme. Based on RFID technology, the scheme collects and calculates mean acceleblame and mean glide comprehension on each way of a confine area in a city. It then transmits the messages from all the congested ways in a confine area to the ministerr in the confine life via a despatch program. Through a flooding algorithm, each ministerr in a confine life exchanges and updates comprehension delay all neighbor ministerrs in other confine lifes so all that the ministerrs in different confine lifes can get all the hindmost congeries messages in a city. Therefore, a dynamic navigation scheme can asestablished the scantyest way that shuns congested ways. 7 At the very rudimentaryst flatten, Radio Reckon Identification (RFID) technologies assign the transmission of a rare serial reckon wirelessly, using radio thrives. The two key distributes of the scheme that are demanded to do this are the RFID 'tag' and the 'reader'; attaching an RFID tag to a visible cunning assigns the cunning to be 'seen' and monitored by penny computer networks and end-office synod schemes. So far, the key despatchr for the outfollow of RFID schemes has been the long-for to reform aptitude in globalised give manacles but implementation of the technology has been totalityatic. This is distributely due to the manufacturing burns of tags, which are ordinaryly too haughty to uprightify floating deployment opposite give manacles in the way that was originally imagined, and distributely due to concerns balance the feasible for infringing the concealment of burnrs who escheatment RFID-tagged outcomes. There are different ways in which RFID may impression on the kernel trade of Further and Surpassing Teaching (F&HE) but in the scanty promise, one of the ticklish factors obtain be how concerns encircling the feasible for concealment disturbance are declining. Although these concerns entertain not had as haughty a form in the UK as they entertain elsewhere, exigency from the EU obtain claim UK F&HE to initiate addressing these issues, and it obtain ultimately be departed burn potent and opening causative if this is fabricated in a pro-active rather than a re-active way. The rule of the library sector, in its dual role as a national sector collectiveness acting in the 'national amiable-tempered' and attempting as a proof-bed for the technology, has the feasible to be leading in elucidation the step for establishing amiable-tempered-tempered force in this area span the technology is stagnant proportionately new and there is stagnant the opening to entertain an impression. 8 According to Freeman (2009), RFID is not a new technology and has passed through divers decades of use in soldierlike, airline, library, guard, healthcare, sports, lewd farms and other areas. Industries use RFID for different adjunctions such as singular/style approximation repress, departmental treasure guard, equipment tracking, baggage, dissipated subsistence establishments, logistics, etc. The emendment in RFID technology has brought practices that are connected to means optimization, augmentationd aptitude delayin trade schemees, and augmentd customer pains, balanceall reformments in trade deeds and healthcare. As discussed by Grunt (2009) most RFID schemes pause of tags that are ensure to the cunnings to be verified. Each tag has its own “read-only” or “rewrite” internally fame depending on the pattern and adjunction. Typical likeness of this fame is to treasure outfollow comprehension, such as an cunning’s rare ID fabricated epoch, etc. The RFID interpreter generates magnetic arenas that qualify the RFID scheme to settle cunnings (via the tags) that are delayin its stroll the haughty-reckon electromagnetic duration and question remarkpowerful generated by the interpreter triggers the tags to rejoinder to the question; the question reckon could be up to 50 openings per remedy. As a conclusion despatch among the main components of the scheme i. e. tags and interpreter is customary. As a conclusion extensive quantities of postulates are generated. Supply manacle industries repress this totality by using filters that are passaged to the endend comprehension schemes. In other coerce, in enjoin to repress this totality, software such as Savant is used. This software acts as a buffer among the Comprehension Technology and RFID interpreter. Several protocols wield the despatch scheme among the interpreter and tag. These protocols (ISO 15693 and ISO 18000-3 for HF or the ISO 18000-6, and EPC for UHF) initiate the identification scheme when the interpreter is switched on. These protocol attempts on selected reckon bands (e. g. 60 – 915 MHz for UHF or 13. 56 MHz for HF). If the interpreter is on and the tag arrives in the interpreter arenas, then it habitualally wakes-up and decodes the remarkpowerful and replies to the interpreter by modulating the interpreter’s arena. All the tags in the interpreter stroll may rejoinder at the similar opening, in this fact the interpreter must unmask remarkpowerful impact (prognostic of multiple tags). Remarkpowerful impact is resolute by applying anti-impact algorithm which qualifys the interpreter to rank tags and select/discuss each tag inveteblame on the reckon stroll (among 50 tags to 200 tags) and the protocol used. In this unarm-an the interpreter can fulfil established deeds on the tags such as lection the tag’s identifier reckon and despatches postulates into a tag. 9 Moreover, as customary by Harper (2010),RFID (radio reckon identification) is a technology that incorporates the use of electromagnetic or electrostatic coupling in the radio reckon (RF) division of the electromagnetic spectrum to rarely substantiate an cunning, lewd, or idiosyncratic. RFID is advenient into increasing use in diligence as an choice to the bar regulation. The practice of RFID is that it does not claim trodden adjunction or troddenion-of-perception scanning. An RFID scheme pauses of three components: an antenna and transceiver (repeatedly totally into one interpreter) and a transponder (the tag). The antenna uses radio reckon thrives to transmit a remarkpowerful that activates the transponder. When activated, the tag transmits postulates end to the antenna. The postulates is used to intimate a programmpowerful logic repressler that an force should befall. The force could be as rudimentary as preferment an approximation preamble or as confused as interfacing delay a postulatesbase to propel out a monetary act. Low- reckon RFID schemes (30 KHz to 500 KHz) entertain scanty transmission strolls (generally neighboring than six feet). High-reckon RFID schemes (850 MHz to 950 MHz and 2. 4 GHz to 2. 5 GHz) tender coveter transmission strolls (departed than 90 feet). In open, the haughtyer the reckon, the departed high-priced the scheme . RFID is rarely cunningated consecrated scanty stroll despatch (DSRC). 10 Delay the aforementioned grounds and notions encircling RFID, the eliminationers conceived the examine on enlargeing a artifice cunningated radio reckon identification inveteblame national advantageousness styles balanceloading challenge and noiseing scheme. They pretend that the scheme could acceleration in solving totalitys on balanceloading. Objectives of the Examine The examine is focused on the outfollow of radio reckon identification (RFID)-inveteblame PUV’s balanceloading challenge and noiseing scheme. Specifically, it bequest to: 1. Artifice and enextensive radio reckon identification (RFID)-inveteblame PUV’s balanceloading challenge and noiseing scheme. 2. Proof the fulfilance of the customized balanceentrust challenge and noiseing scheme in provisions of RFID exercitation and rejoinder opening for entire proof in provisions of: 2. 1 aptitude; 2. 2 truthfulness; and 2. challenge stroll Presumptive Frameattempt The examine is inveteblame on the truths of Repress schemes. Applications on the truth of Repress Systems initiateed as coming as B. C. 200 when Ctesibius from Greece initiateed to artifice the use of a transport president arrangement on a breathe-into clock. Now, new-fashioned solution of repress scheme adjunction applys to the integration of elements whose power is to restrain a scheme unsteady at a long-ford esteem or delayin a long-ford stroll of esteems. Instrumentation procures the different prognostics used to feel-effect a established scheme interpretiness. In some grounds, operators archives these prognostics for use in day-to-day deed of the interpretiness. The comprehension archivesed accelerations the operator evaluate the ordinary mode of the scheme and accept forces if the modes are not as expected. Requiring the operator to accept all of the claimd restorative forces is impractical, or rarely impracticable, distinctly if a extensive reckon of prognostics must be monitored. For this infer, most schemes are repressled habitualally unintermittently they are exempt below typical modes. Automatic represss magnanimously subjugate the bundle on the operator and produce his or her job wieldable. Some schemes do not claim all of their scheme unsteadys to be repressled. This truth applies on the artifice of the plan, wherein the RFID module feel-effects to wield and substantiate the balanceentrust challenge span the RFID artifice unmaskor fulfils the bridleing of the unmasked postulates initiation then habitualally ordinary by the anterior exercise using the RFID artifice unmaskor. The deed of the repress scheme is periodically bridleed to demonstblame decent deed. If a repress scheme fails, the operator must be powerful to accept balance and repress the scheme manually. In most grounds, belowstanding how the repress scheme attempts aids the operator in determining if the scheme is exempt decently and which forces are claimd to restrain the scheme in protected and extensively attempting mode. Conceptual Frameattempt The conceptual frameattempt of the purposed scheme is shown in Likeness 1; the likeness is inveteblame on Coombs Theory, which pauses of the input, scheme, and output. It shows the glide of the examine and how the eliminationers conclude up delay the chosen examine. The input pauses of all the meanss demanded in making the scheme. The comprehension meanss pertain to the notions, comprehension, and notice from the books, connected literatures, and from the internet. Material meanss are the evaluation instruments, anticipation and materials, and equipment to be used. The financial means applys to the funds to be used by the eliminationers. Human meanss are all the commonalty complicated in the act and outfollow of this examine which includes the PUV’s despatchr, itinerants, and consultant who obtain aid on contributing notions connected to the examine substance. The scheme of this examine deals delay planning, wily, and outfollow of the artifice. It so includes conducting of experiments, revising, and proofing to evaluate how and how courteous the scheme feel-effects. The output box pauses of the completed and courteous-familiar scheme of the totally noiseing and identification from the RFID module and the postulates demonstrateing scheme by the Radio Reckon Identification artifice unmaskor. The feedend arrow represents the rectilineal evaluation of the conclusions on the output. The arrow points end to the input and scheme in enjoin to bridle, and rebridle the blunders that force be encountered during the outfollow of the scheme and integration of the artifices. Import of the Examine This plan primarily focuses on the outfollow of a radio reckon identification inveteblame PUV’s balanceloading and challenge scheme. First, it bequest for achieving an deferential and decent entrusting of itinerants. For the state, this scheme can amiable-tempered-tempered the authorities owing the scheme archivess and unmasks the balanceloaded PUV’s and habitualally noise to the unswerving police post or anterior agencies, so there is a decently arranged and deferential PUV’s despatchr for any session in this state and a enlargeed form in provisions of enravishmentation that could motivate the renders to bring-in the newfanglednesss of national enravishmentation to shun balanceloading in national advantageousness styles. This obtain be of magnanimous acceleration in provisions of state’s enravishmentation, guard and enlargeing form With this artifice, using the scheme can smooth magnanimously assess the border residuum of the balanceloaded PUV’s in the way that the police and the anterior agencies obtain not demand to bridle by suspend in the national-ways and faceing for the balanceloaded PUV’s, anymore. The similar way, on the halt regulate, the police and anterior exercise obtain not demand to suspend on the national-ways and face for some boisterous despatchrs that are meant to get some itinerants smooth they are consuming and balancerule which obtain favor the engine initiate to incense, thus it burn a lot of fuel and opening. So, automating the scheme unquestionably can spare opening and attempt for the chattels of the order. For the universities, this scheme obtain acceleration the tyros to entertain a decent way of riding a style and lending in a amiable-tempered-tempered style of enravishmenting, and this obtain materialize as pattern that obtain be of magnanimous renown for the nurture and obtain minister as intuition to upadvenient tyros. This plan is inveteblame on new thrive technology that could augment to emend belowstanding of entire tyro. For the propaganda of engineering, the eliminationers pretend that the examine obtain acceleration the propaganda a lot distinctly those who accept ECE. It can so procure analysisal notion and comprehension encircling electronics that can be a lead for the tyros of the propaganda. For the advenient eliminationers, this plan obtain acceleration to augment the notions of tyros in constructing innovative outcomes and artifice. It ministers as lead to the direct progeny of eliminationers who obtain do appropriate elimination and to entertain departed close examine and reform the artifice. For the synod, the plan obtain magnanimously acceleration them to discipdirection the despatchrs in entrusting their styles decently. Lastly, the enlargeed artifice is guaranteed to procure guard and truthfulness in provisions of fabrication and superintendence of balanceloaded PUV’s. Using the RFID to noise the unmasked balanceloaded PUV’s, obtain beget a noiseing scheme that is deferentially verified and as courteous openingd. There is seemingly no way for the PUV’s despatchr to get some itinerants and artifice the balanceloading challenge and noiseing scheme, as per the RFID artifice unmaskor that is claimd to demonstblame their balanceloaded PUV’s and strongly clbequest the despatchrs to strictly seal chasing itinerants delay this fact. Familiar Radio Reckon Identification Inveteblame PUV’s Overloading Challenge and Reporting System. * Planning * Wily * Outfollow of the artifice * Testing * Revising * Evaluation * Comprehension meanss * Material meanss * Financial meanss * Rational meanss Input Scheme Output FEEDBACK Likeness 1 Likeness 1 Conceptual Pattern for the Outfollow of Radio Reckon Identification Inveteblame PUV’s Overloading and Challenge Scheme Aim and Limitation of the Study This examine is prejudiced to enextensive a scheme of artifice that is powerful to unmask from the RFID input, noiseing through RFID artifice unmaskor, and passing all comprehension into programed repress scheme so the challenge of the balanceentrust PUV’s obtain habitualally translate and noise the postulates to the neighboring police post and anterior agencies and can be beforehand follow using the RFID artifice unmaskor. This examine focused on the wily, enlargeing, and exempt of the RFID-inveteblame PUV’s balanceloading challenge and noiseing scheme that obtain be conducted by the two (2) 4th year Electronics Engineering (4-ECE) tyros who are the proponents of this examine. It obtain be conducted in University of Rizal System-Morong Campus during the nurture year 2012-2013 2nd semester and 2013-2014 1st semester. The artifice is adapted to be interconnected on a computer, from which it should scheme all the composed postulates, arclass it into a postulatesbase, and as courteous produces it lovely for not-difficult to distinguish the balanceloaded PUV’s. The artifice can be ultimately implemented to be used on a bigger form, delay unarm-an to the anterior exercise, on this elimination; it obtain merely be implemented on few tags and weak reckon of national advantageousness styles (PUV’s). PUV’s obtain be automated by the despatchrs; restrictedally the itinerants obtain be the proponent of the fact. This elimination obtain use scant reckons of tags for proofing resolves merely that obtain hold comprehension of specimen PUV’s for the resolve of the examine and obtain be used as a moderation of balanceloading challenge scheme in the national-way. Furthermore, this elimination obtain not proof the fulfilance of the artifice in provisions of storage talents and guard as these unsteadys are already of their standards delay deference to the artifice modules used in the plan. This artifice is adapted to procure a artifice-proof regulate of making the noiseing scheme for any resolve. Definition of Provisions For a clcoming belowstanding of the examine, the subjoined provisions are defined deedally and conceptually. Accuracy. This applys to the mode or sort of nature penny, chasten, or exact; insubservience from blunder or defect; accuracy or exactness; chastenness. Efficiency. This applys to how the artifice fulfils its expected drudgery delay a minimum compensation of opening and attempt. Overloading. This applys on how the itinerants and the despatchr fulfil delay deference to the discuss and reckon of itinerant internally the national advantageousness styles. PUV’s. This applys to a style, openly motorized, that is artificeed for a restricted enravishmentation. Radio Frequency. This pertains to the blame of bill in the stroll of encircling 3 kHz to 300 GHz, which corresponds to the reckon of radio thrives, and the alternating ordinarys which propel radio remarkables. Reporting. This applys to the scheme of converting postulates into usable, and forcepowerful postulates. RFID. This applys to a tracking scheme that uses sharp of embedded microchips delay the use of radio reckon. RFID Tag. This pertains to a micropiece ensure to an antenna and uses a transcribe and interpret technology. Security. This applys to the flatten of nature ensure in which a scheme cannot be artificeed or exploited in any ways or regulates lovely. Server. This applys to a netattempt ministerr of a computer scheme, which is used as the accessible store of postulates and different programs that are shared in a network. Speed. This applys to how dissipated a artifice is powerful to counteract on established input commands and procure its compulsory output. Storage Capacity. This applys to the totality of postulates that a established scheme is powerful to hold. NOTES 1http://www. gov. ph/the-philippine-constitutions/the-1987-constitution-of-the-republic-of-the-philippines/the-1987-constitution-of-the-republic-of-the-philippines-article-xiv/ 2http://www. wanji. net. n/en/d/b/20101217/429. html 3http://www. evoc. com/solutions/MEC-5004-Application-in-Highway-Overload-Detection-System/detail. aspx 4http://www. keepmedriving. com/category/commercial/overloading/? forgottenpasswd 5http://www. plan-asset. com/data/asset_highlight_ROC_v09. pdf 6http://www. nap. edu/openbook. php? archives_id=11189&page=3 7http://dl. acm. org/citation. cfm? id=1668223 8http://www. rfidaa. org/upload/documents/PDF/RFID%20explained. pdf 9http://arxiv. org/ftp/arxiv/papers/1002/1002. 1179. pdf 10http://searchmanufacturingerp. techtarget. com/definition/RFID