Enrolment and Billing System

Enrolment is considered as the primitive stalk or progress that must be done by novices among a detail literature precedently the semester per initiate year altogether starts. For freshmen or primitive year novices, they indebted to usually engage an path experience, followed by scheduled meeting, then filling-up of forms and the liquidation of fees. Good enrolment which pertains to steadsteadfast liquidations and toll progresss, and facile transactions delay a noble rebuke of achievement is an asset in a university. A. Scope and Purpose of DocumentThe examine covers the enrolment and billing method of Los Bobos Academy in all space planes from plantation up to indelicateth year noble initiate. It succeed collect the novice a opportune and an fruitful way of enrolling that produces toll fees according to each plane. It conceives the specific counsel of the novice and their appertaining toll fees which is contrived for prefer use in recital inquiries of novices. B. Purpose concretes Objectives The deep concrete of the examine is to produce a computerized enrolment-billing method for Los Bobos Academy.Specific goals are the forthcoming: 1. To disclose a method that succeed minimize the methoding occasion in accessing memorials and farsighted fees of novices; 2. To build a user-friendly method that produces accurebuke and error-free grounds results; and 3. To collect a peculiar computer-based groundsbase for Los Bobos Academy that can abide extensive quantity of grounds. Major Functions The method to be discloseed is prime of recording, updating and can retrieved counsel, consider training fees and other needful fees including liquidations of uniforms.The enrolment and billing method is so prime of generating reports on liquidations, roll of novices, recitals, toll and returns. The method can print all needful forms or memorials such as toll forms, returns, summarized reports and novice counsel. Searching of the gone-by memorials of the novices is so feasible in this method through typing their abandoned novice ID in the quest engine. V. Purpose Instrument A. People The examine is a collaborative attempt of indelicate BSCS novices of Lemery Colleges.Divided into two groups, they are: * Virgilio Marquinez and Julienne Royena, who were tasked delay the edifice of the enrolment and billing method software - method delineation, coding, experienceing and so collectd the unfeelingware and software instrument. * John Leo Comia and Noel del Mundo, who conducted the needful meetings, grounds gathering, documentation, and gave interrupted inputs delay the edifice of the real method. B. Hardware and Software Hardware instrument conceive laptop delay the forthcoming configurations: poverty Intel Pentium T4400 methodor, 2 GB RAM, 320 GB unfeeling disk push and HP DeskJet F200 printer.Software instrument: Windows XP for workstation, Visual Basic 6. 0 contact for creating the method, MS Access for creating groundsbases and MS Word or MS PowerPoint for purpose documentation and feasible offer. C. Special Instrument The forthcoming are the grounds collected from Los Bobos Academy, issued upon the desire of the researchers: 1. The initiate’s registration form; and 2. Copy of toll fees of all space planes. Context DiagramGenerebuke Reports Response for Recital Response for Enrolment Desire for Recital Desire for Enrolment ENROLMENT AND BILLING SYTEM CASHIER REGISTRAR