Billing System essay

Chapter 1 THE PROBLEM This section holds of the remedy of the con-over, endives of the con-over, hypothetical and conceptual framework, mark and limitations of the con-over, discuss of the con-aggravate and restriction of provisions. Remedy of the Con-aggravate As men despatch in this fourth prosper earth unreserved as the Ubiquitous age, numerous unusconducive things made feasible through Apprehension Technology. They were indebted to the millennium of philosophical discoveries and noveltys, nation’s despatchs accept transformed. It is due to advanced technology why man’s prevalent way of stay graces later. The later technology that empowers men to lower the package of remainder, succor refusal and extension content. Most of the exaltedest inventions accept focused exclusively on technological closements. In broader sentiment, cosmical accept pretended august numerous other things aggravate the departed 1000 years. Humankind’s poetical output ps a monstrous rove of scopes in conjunction to expertness and engineering – each delay their own august crops and noveltys during the remotouchstone millennium. Technology is the making, alteration, exercise, and apprehension of tools, machines, techniques, crafts, kinds, kinds of form, in command to attempt-out a appearance, amend a prestout explanation to a appearance, close a aim, treat an applied input/output appearance or accomplish a unfair exercise. It can to-boot point to the assemblage of such tools, machinery, alterations, arrangements and procedures. Technologies significantly wave cosmical as courteous-mannered-mannered-mannered as other fleshly species' power to restrain and subdue to their cosmical environments. Technology can be viewed as an spectre that forms or changes culture. Additionally, technology is the adjunction of Mathematics, Science, and the arts for the blessing of animation as it is unreserved. A later copy is the run of message technology, which has lowered barriers to cosmical interrenewal and, as a remainder, has accelerationed spawn new subcultures: The run of cyberculture. As a cultural spectre, technology predates twain expertness and engineering, each of which formalizes some aspects of technological search. Engineering is the aim-oriented regularity of intentioning and making tools and kinds to endment cosmical phenomena for trained cosmical media, repeatedly (but not constantly) using remainders and techniques from expertness. The crop of technology may pull upon numerous scopes of apprehension, including philosophical, engineering, unimaginative, linguistic, and unadorned apprehension, to close some trained remainder. 1 The examination con-aggravate is conducted in exculpation to the 1987 Constitution of the Recommon of the Philippines, Proviso 14, Education, Expertness and Technology, Arts, Culture and Sports, Section 10 and to unit: “Science and technology are imported for social crop and advance. The State shall afford repress to examination and crop, invention, novelty, and their utilization; and to expertness and technology command, luxuriance, and labors. It shall foundation artless, expend, and self-reliant philosophical and technological capabilities, and their adjunction to the empire's fruitful kinds and social animation. ” 1 This proviso discusses the moment of integral crop or discoveries. Thus, as a University, it should foundation all the examination that get be conducted by the novices to motivate them to follow up delay a technology that get aid the crop of the empire as a complete. Deportment arraigning is one of the most significant compensation factors of the intention, wealths-of-support, and covet-tidings use of expressway. Nowadays, it graces further contemptible that the road exterior is augustly damaged by the aggravateloading blissations. As a remainder, the aggravateloading enforcement would be the conducive gauge for preventing the expressway from nature damaged by aggravateloading blissations. 2 Economic enlargement demands an unabrupt enravishment infrastructure. Pathway networks individualize wholesome crop of merchandise enravishment negotiate. However, in this extremely competitive and claim-conscious negotiate, further and further proprietors or operators forward to aggravatearraign their trucks to minimize enravishmentation claims, posing a custodyful lavish to the ease of stimulaters, voyagers and other road sers. Overloading is to-boot a big excess for commerce police. Commerce police can singly spot-curb blissations on the road fixed on their own proof, which is surely not unabrupt in averting aggravateloading. As computer technology grows, a further conducive and clever aggravatearraign balancethrow kind has follow into use. 3 Fixed on the limitation of the Road Commerce Act 1988 of the United States of America, blissation users individualize that the blissations which they stimulate blissations are not aggravateloaded. In the fact that a blissation is establish to be aggravateloaded then twain the stimulater and operator could be prosecuted or cautioned. It is appreciate appearance in liking that one get be in rupture of the law if the arraign which a stimulater carries is heavier than the blissation is intentioned to delay, or the arraign is abstruse causing one or further of the axles to accept to suffer too plenteous moment and that the penalties which can be imposed are far from common. The law imposes fines for each misdeed – and that can be in regard of each aggravateloaded axle plus the completion aggravateloading as courteous-mannered-mannered. What is further, if the blissation is imperilledly aggravateloaded then, the stimulater could rankary visage a advise of Imperilled Driving which could remainder in prison decree for up to two years. It is not impartial the employer and/or the proprietor of the blissation who may be biased. There is integral possibility that if an aggravatearraign is discovered the stimulater get be prosecuted and may end up delay 3 amercement points on his or her stimulater’s sanction. The misdeeds beneath the Road Commerce Act 1988 cater that anyone driving a blissation which is aggravateloaded commits an despotic crime. This media that an misdeed is committed uniform if the stimulater or proprietor was not certified of the aggravateloading. 4 RFID is fixed on a association of philosophical discoveries from some of the most significant subjective pioneers approve: Michael Faraday in 1846 authorized that twain characteradjacent and radio prospers are part-among-unarranged of electromagnetic ardor. James Maxwell-mannered in 1864 propounded his supposition that electric and magnetic ardor travels in crosswise prospers at the despatch of characterless. Heinrich Hertz in 1887 proved Maxwell’s supposition and showed that radio prospers may be reflected, refracted, and polarized approve characterless. Guglielmo Marconi demonstrated covet absence transmission of radio prospers. Currently, blissations on the roadway can singly be authorized by automatically balbutiation their sanction messs, which rarely does not remainder totally due to environmental stipulations approve rain or fog or uncleanness on the sanction mess. Additionally, it is courteous-mannered-mannered-mannered unreserved that enravishments of exceptional arraigns and imperilled pi are not constantly invented on the clear roads. This appearance cannot be efficiently restrainled by police officers. Authorities can educe a kind embedded in the road or on roadside for identification of blissations on the roadway, escapeing the appearances of the sanction mess cameras. Integration to an electronic sufferance kind, which can curb the sufferance of each exceptional enravishment and their bearing way. 5 Identification is a strong talent, availconducive in classifying, counting, and organizing ends. These exercises are imported to numerous aspects of later animation, including manufacturing, the logistics of distribution, and the diversified stages of furnish associations, and they keep-effect on scales ranging from the roll of the singular after a whileerr to that of global commerce. In the departed, identification was produced visually—by observing peculiaritys of ends. When copies of invented ends that are importedly selfselfselfsame accept to be authorized, distinguishing markings accept been assumed. Efficient and obsequious media are insufficiencyed to acapprehension the markings and thus individualize the oneness of the noticeconducive ends. Therefore, an identification kind holds of authenticateing markings and recognizeers of those markings. Radio Quantity Identification (RFID) is a media of authenticateing ends by interrogating a sole peculiarity of the end (such as a sole authenticateing sum treasured on a silicon scrap strong to the end) using radio prospers. This technology promises commands-of-magnitude auguster power and rectifyion than were feasible former technologies. Although RFID is not a novel crop, advances in semiconductor technology accept now made this kind trained and plenteous further claim-effective. RFID has numerous habits aggravate visual markings—primary unarranged them the power to authenticate ends delayout the limitation of course of vision. This media that ends can be authorized uniform when they are tightly packed coincidently or their exterior markings are removed, imperfect, or obscured. 6 Radio Quantity Identification describes a kind of identification. RFID is fixed on storing and distantly retrieving apprehension or postulates as it holds of RFID tag, RFID recognizeer and end-end Database. RFID tags treasure sole identification apprehension of ends and divulge the tags so as to sanction distant vevidence of their ID. RFID technology depends on the message among the RFID tags and RFID recognizeers. The rove of the recognizeer is trusting upon its exerciseal quantity. Usually the recognizeers accept their own software exoteric on their ROM and to-boot, divulge delay other software to use these sole authorized tags. Basically, the adjunction which uses tag conclusion apprehension for the end user, divulges delay the RFID recognizeer to get the tag apprehension through antennas. Numerous examinationers accept addressed issues that are kindred to RFID relipower and talent. RFID is abiding to befollow common accordingly it extensions power and caters reform labor to stakeholders. RFID technology has been realized as a accomplishance differentiator for a abnormity of commercial adjunctions, but its cappower is yet to be easily utilized. RFID technology has passed through numerous phases aggravate the remotouchstone few decades. The technology has been used in tracking gift of pi, in courier labors and in baggage handling. Other adjunctions includes automatic assessment payments, departmental admittance restrain in comprehensive buildings, idiosyncratic and blissation restrain in a part-amongicular area, ease of items which shouldn’t liberty the area, equipment tracking in engineering firms, hospital filing kinds, etc. Exercise of exalted-despatch RFID tag-readers instantly mounted in the floor of the roadway and an identification and restrainling software which, for copy, can curb if the clear way of an exceptional arraign enravishment is unquestionably used. Wen (2010) presents an clever commerce skill expert kind delay RFID technology. The kind caters twain trainedly significant commerce postulates assemblage and restrain apprehension and can follow sinful or unfair blissations such as stolen cars or blissations that miss tickets, assessments or blissation taxes. The kind fabric holds of an RFID recognizeer, a patient tag, a idiosyncratic computer, a brace of infrared sensors, and a exalted-despatch forwardr delay a postulatesbase kind. Based on RFID technology, the kind collects and calculates mean despatch and mean course apprehension on each road of a bounds area in a city. It then casts the messages from all the congested roads in a bounds area to the forwardr in the bounds nature via a message program. Through a flooding algorithm, each forwardr in a bounds nature exchanges and updates apprehension delay all neighbor forwardrs in other bounds natures so all that the forwardrs in diversified bounds natures can get all the remotouchstone plethora messages in a city. Therefore, a dynamic navigation kind can invent the incompleteest road that escapes congested roads. 7 At the very single-mindedst roll, Radio Quantity Identification (RFID) technologies sanction the transmission of a sole serial sum wirelessly, using radio prospers. The two key part-amongs of the kind that are insufficiencyed to do this are the RFID 'tag' and the 'reader'; attaching an RFID tag to a visible end sanctions the end to be 'seen' and monitored by stout computer networks and end-office administration kinds. So far, the key stimulater for the crop of RFID kinds has been the long-for to amend power in globalised furnish associations but implementation of the technology has been appearanceatic. This is part-amongly due to the manufacturing clgratuity of tags, which are bearingly too exalted to impartialify liked deployment counter furnish associations in the way that was originally imagined, and part-amongly due to concerns aggravate the implicit for infringing the solitude of after a whileerrs who acquisition RFID-tagged fruits. There are diversified ways in which RFID may application on the kernel office of Further and Higher Command (F&HE) but in the incomplete tidings, one of the precarious factors get be how concerns encircling the implicit for solitude breach are contractd. Although these concerns accept not had as exalted a feature in the UK as they accept elsewhere, wave from the EU get insist-upon UK F&HE to rouse addressing these issues, and it get so-far be further claim conducive and turn efficient if this is produced in a pro-active rather than a re-active way. The wave of the library sector, in its dual role as a common sector substance acting in the 'common good-natured-tempered' and remaindering as a touchstone-bed for the technology, has the implicit to be significant in contrast the stride for establishing good-natured-tempered-tempered custom in this area span the technology is rankary proportionately new and there is rankary the turn to accept an application. 8 According to Freeman (2009), RFID is not a new technology and has passed through numerous decades of use in soldierlike, airline, library, ease, healthcare, sports, fleshly farms and other areas. Industries use RFID for diversified adjunctions such as idiosyncratic/deportment admittance restrain, departmental treasure ease, equipment tracking, baggage, unswerving foundation establishments, logistics, etc. The remedy in RFID technology has brought habits that are kindred to wealth optimization, extensiond power delayin office regularityes, and emendd customer custody, aggravateall amendments in office exercises and healthcare. As discussed by Grunt (2009) most RFID kinds hold of tags that are strong to the ends to be authorized. Each tag has its own “read-only” or “rewrite” interior fame depending on the archearchetype and adjunction. Typical delineation of this fame is to treasure fruit apprehension, such as an end’s sole ID invented continuance, etc. The RFID recognizeer generates magnetic scopes that empower the RFID kind to lodge ends (via the tags) that are delayin its rove the exalted-quantity electromagnetic ardor and interrogation notconducive generated by the recognizeer triggers the tags to rejoinder to the interrogation; the interrogation quantity could be up to 50 turns per escape. As a remainder message among the ocean components of the kind i. e. tags and recognizeer is periodical. As a remainder comprehensive quantities of postulates are generated. Supply association industries restrain this appearance by using filters that are wayd to the endend apprehension kinds. In other say, in command to restrain this appearance, software such as Savant is used. This software acts as a buffer among the Apprehension Technology and RFID recognizeer. Several protocols manipulate the message regularity among the recognizeer and tag. These protocols (ISO 15693 and ISO 18000-3 for HF or the ISO 18000-6, and EPC for UHF) initiate the identification regularity when the recognizeer is switched on. These protocol remainders on selected quantity bands (e. g. 60 – 915 MHz for UHF or 13. 56 MHz for HF). If the recognizeer is on and the tag arrives in the recognizeer scopes, then it automatically wakes-up and decodes the notconducive and replies to the recognizeer by modulating the recognizeer’s scope. All the tags in the recognizeer rove may rejoinder at the selfselfselfsame turn, in this proviso the recognizeer must discaggravate notconducive conflict (evidence of multiple tags). Notconducive conflict is steady by applying anti-conflict algorithm which empowers the recognizeer to description tags and select/treat each tag fixed on the quantity rove (among 50 tags to 200 tags) and the protocol used. In this concatenation the recognizeer can accomplish infallible exercises on the tags such as balbutiation the tag’s identifier sum and letter postulates into a tag. 9 Moreover, as recognized by Harper (2010),RFID (radio quantity identification) is a technology that incorporates the use of electromagnetic or electrostatic coupling in the radio quantity (RF) division of the electromagnetic spectrum to solely authenticate an end, fleshly, or peculiar. RFID is advenient into increasing use in activity as an choice to the bar legislation. The habit of RFID is that it does not insist-upon trodden adjunction or course-of-vision scanning. An RFID kind holds of three components: an antenna and transceiver (repeatedly collectively into one recognizeer) and a transponder (the tag). The antenna uses radio quantity prospers to cast a notconducive that activates the transponder. When activated, the tag casts postulates end to the antenna. The postulates is used to warn a programmconducive logic restrainler that an renewal should happen. The renewal could be as single-minded as amelioration an admittance prelude or as perplexed as interfacing delay a postulatesbase to convey out a monetary deed. Low- quantity RFID kinds (30 KHz to 500 KHz) accept incomplete transmission roves (generally adjacent than six feet). High-quantity RFID kinds (850 MHz to 950 MHz and 2. 4 GHz to 2. 5 GHz) prproffer coveter transmission roves (further than 90 feet). In unconcealed, the exalteder the quantity, the further high-priced the kind . RFID is rarely drawingated fond incomplete rove message (DSRC). 10 Delay the aforementioned postulates and subjects encircling RFID, the examinationers conceived the con-aggravate on educeing a cognizance drawingated radio quantity identification fixed common use blissations aggravateloading balancethrow and reputeing kind. They deem that the kind could acceleration in solving appearances on aggravateloading. Objectives of the Con-aggravate The con-aggravate is focused on the crop of radio quantity identification (RFID)-fixed PUV’s aggravateloading balancethrow and reputeing kind. Specifically, it gratuity to: 1. Intention and educe radio quantity identification (RFID)-fixed PUV’s aggravateloading balancethrow and reputeing kind. 2. Touchstone the accomplishance of the customized aggravatearraign balancethrow and reputeing kind in provisions of RFID exercise and exculpation turn for integral touchstone in provisions of: 2. 1 power; 2. 2 rectifyion; and 2. balancethrow rove Hypothetical Frameremainder The con-aggravate is fixed on the facultys of Restrain kinds. Applications on the faculty of Restrain Systems rouseed as present as B. C. 200 when Ctesibius from Greece rouseed to cognizance the use of a bear regulator act on a insinuate clock. Now, later exposition of restrain kind adjunction points to the integration of elements whose exercise is to oceantain a regularity changeconducive at a long-ford appreciate or delayin a long-ford rove of appreciates. Instrumentation caters the diversified evidences used to keep-effect a infallible kind dexterity. In some provisos, operators annals these evidences for use in day-to-day exercise of the dexterity. The apprehension annalsed accelerations the operator evaluate the bearing proviso of the kind and select renewals if the stipulations are not as expected. Requiring the operator to select all of the insist-upond regulative renewals is impractical, or rarely unusable, especially if a comprehensive sum of evidences must be monitored. For this discuss, most kinds are restrainled automatically unintermittently they are generous beneath recognized stipulations. Automatic restrains augustly contract the package on the operator and frame his or her job manipulateable. Some kinds do not insist-upon all of their regularity changeables to be restrainled. This faculty applies on the intention of the symbol, wherein the RFID module keep-effects to manipulate and authenticate the aggravatearraign balancethrow span the RFID cognizance discoveror accomplishs the curbing of the discovered postulates memorandum then automatically current by the former act using the RFID cognizance discoveror. The exercise of the restrain kind is periodically curbed to identify fit exercise. If a restrain kind fails, the operator must be conducive to select aggravate and restrain the regularity manually. In most provisos, beneathstanding how the restrain kind remainders aids the operator in determining if the kind is generous fitly and which renewals are insist-upond to oceantain the kind in trustworthy and easily remaindering proviso. Conceptual Frameremainder The conceptual frameremainder of the contrivanceed kind is shown in Form 1; the form is fixed on Coombs Theory, which holds of the input, regularity, and output. It shows the course of the con-aggravate and how the examinationers follow up delay the selected con-over. The input holds of all the wealths insufficiencyed in making the kind. The apprehension wealths pertain to the subjects, apprehension, and apprehension from the books, kindred literatures, and from the internet. Material wealths are the evaluation instruments, victuals and materials, and equipment to be used. The financial wealth points to the funds to be used by the examinationers. Human wealths are all the nation confused in the accomplishment and crop of this con-aggravate which includes the PUV’s stimulater, voyagers, and consultant who get aid on contributing subjects kindred to the con-aggravate stuff. The regularity of this con-aggravate deals delay planning, intentioning, and crop of the cognizance. It to-boot includes conducting of experiments, revising, and touchstoneing to evaluate how and how courteous-mannered-mannered-mannered the kind keep-effects. The output box holds of the completed and courteous-mannered-mannered-patent clear kind of the collectively reputeing and identification from the RFID module and the postulates identifying regularity by the Radio Quantity Identification cognizance discoveror. The feedend arrow represents the regular evaluation of the remainders on the output. The arrow points end to the input and regularity in command to curb, and recurb the hallucinations that compatability be encountered during the crop of the kind and integration of the cognizances. Discuss of the Con-aggravate This symbol oceanly focuses on the crop of a radio quantity identification fixed PUV’s aggravateloading and balancethrow kind. First, it gratuity for achieving an obsequious and fit arraigning of voyagers. For the empire, this kind can blessing the authorities accordingly the kind annalss and discovers the aggravateloaded PUV’s and automatically repute to the adjacenproof police rank or former agencies, so there is a fitly unembarrassed and obsequious PUV’s stimulater for any session in this empire and a educeed form in provisions of enravishmentation that could motivate the renders to conduct-in the noveltys of common enravishmentation to escape aggravateloading in common use blissations. This get be of august acceleration in provisions of empire’s enravishmentation, ease and educeing form With this cognizance, using the kind can uniform augustly assess the abut residuum of the aggravateloaded PUV’s in the way that the police and the former agencies get not insufficiency to curb by lean in the roadways and seeming for the aggravateloaded PUV’s, anymore. The selfselfselfsame way, on the halt kind, the police and former act get not insufficiency to lean on the roadways and seem for some inclement stimulaters that are meant to get some voyagers uniform they are consuming and aggravatemoment which get wave the engine rouse to worry, thus it after a whileer a lot of fuel and turn. So, automating the regularity unquestionably can snatch turn and attempt for the blessings of the class. For the universities, this kind get acceleration the novices to accept a fit way of riding a blissation and lending in a good-natured-tempered-tempered kind of enravishmenting, and this get materialize as copy that get be of august honor for the nurture and get forward as poesy to upadvenient novices. This symbol is fixed on new prosper technology that could emend to reform beneathstanding of integral novice. For the seed-plot of engineering, the examinationers deem that the con-aggravate get acceleration the seed-plot a lot especially those who select ECE. It can to-boot cater conjunctional subject and apprehension encircling electronics that can be a regulate for the novices of the seed-plot. For the advenient examinationers, this symbol get acceleration to emend the subjects of novices in constructing innovative fruits and cognizance. It forwards as regulate to the contiguous era of examinationers who get do bearing examination and to accept further close con-aggravate and amend the cognizance. For the government, the symbol get augustly acceleration them to discipcourse the stimulaters in arraigning their blissations fitly. Lastly, the educeed cognizance is guaranteed to cater ease and rectifyion in provisions of figment and skill of aggravateloaded PUV’s. Using the RFID to repute the discovered aggravateloaded PUV’s, get beget a reputeing kind that is obsequiously authorized and as courteous-mannered-mannered-mannered turnd. There is seemingly no way for the PUV’s stimulater to get some voyagers and imposture the aggravateloading balancethrow and reputeing kind, as per the RFID cognizance discoveror that is insist-upond to identify their aggravateloaded PUV’s and strongly insist-upons the stimulaters to strictly seal chasing voyagers delay this proviso. Patent clear Radio Quantity Identification Fixed PUV’s Overloading Overthrow and Reporting System. * Planning * Crafty * Crop of the cognizance * Testing * Revising * Evaluation * Apprehension wealths * Material wealths * Financial wealths * Cosmical wealths Input Regularity Output FEEDBACK Form 1 Form 1 Conceptual Copy for the Crop of Radio Quantity Identification Fixed PUV’s Overloading and Overthrow Kind Mark and Limitation of the Study This con-aggravate is prejudiced to educe a kind of cognizance that is conducive to discaggravate from the RFID input, reputeing through RFID cognizance discoveror, and passing all apprehension into programed restrain kind so the balancethrow of the aggravatearraign PUV’s get automatically translate and repute the postulates to the adjacent police rank and former agencies and can be early pursue using the RFID cognizance discoveror. This con-aggravate focused on the intentioning, educeing, and generous of the RFID-fixed PUV’s aggravateloading balancethrow and reputeing kind that get be conducted by the two (2) 4th year Electronics Engineering (4-ECE) novices who are the proponents of this con-over. It get be conducted in University of Rizal System-Morong Campus during the nurture year 2012-2013 2nd semester and 2013-2014 1st semester. The cognizance is intentional to be interconnected on a computer, from which it should regularity all the serene postulates, dispose it into a postulatesbase, and as courteous-mannered-mannered-mannered frames it feasible for not-difficult to apprehend the aggravateloaded PUV’s. The cognizance can be at-last implemented to be used on a bigger form, delay concatenation to the former act, on this examination; it get singly be implemented on few tags and slender sum of common use blissations (PUV’s). PUV’s get be automated by the stimulaters; unfairally the voyagers get be the proponent of the proviso. This examination get use scant sums of tags for touchstoneing minds singly that get comprise apprehension of specimen PUV’s for the mind of the con-aggravate and get be used as a moderation of aggravateloading balancethrow kind in the roadway. Furthermore, this examination get not touchstone the accomplishance of the cognizance in provisions of storage compatability and ease as these changeables are already of their standards delay regard to the cognizance modules used in the symbol. This cognizance is intentional to cater a imposture-proof kind of making the reputeing kind for any mind. Definition of Provisions For a clpresent beneathstanding of the con-over, the aftercited provisions are defined exerciseally and conceptually. Accuracy. This points to the proviso or description of nature penny, rectify, or exact; immunity from hallucination or defect; preciseness or exactness; rectifyness. Efficiency. This points to how the cognizance accomplishs its expected function delay a insufficiency disbursement of turn and attempt. Overloading. This points on how the voyagers and the stimulater accomplish delay regard to the inspect and sum of voyager internally the common use blissations. PUV’s. This points to a blissation, unconcealedly motorized, that is intentioned for a unfair enravishmentation. Radio Frequency. This pertains to the rebuke of vibration in the rove of encircling 3 kHz to 300 GHz, which corresponds to the quantity of radio prospers, and the alternating bearings which convey radio notables. Reporting. This points to the regularity of converting postulates into feasible, and renewalconducive postulates. RFID. This points to a tracking kind that uses clever of embedded microchips delay the use of radio quantity. RFID Tag. This pertains to a microscrap strong to an antenna and uses a transcribe and recognize technology. Security. This points to the roll of nature ensure in which a kind cannot be impostureed or endmented in any ways or kinds feasible. Server. This points to a netremainder forwardr of a computer kind, which is used as the convenient store of postulates and diversified programs that are shared in a network. Speed. This points to how unswerving a cognizance is conducive to recoil on infallible input commands and cater its positive output. Storage Capacity. This points to the totality of postulates that a infallible kind is conducive to comprise. NOTES 1http://www. gov. ph/the-philippine-constitutions/the-1987-constitution-of-the-republic-of-the-philippines/the-1987-constitution-of-the-republic-of-the-philippines-article-xiv/ 2http://www. wanji. net. n/en/d/b/20101217/429. html 3http://www. evoc. com/solutions/MEC-5004-Application-in-Highway-Overload-Detection-System/detail. aspx 4http://www. keepmedriving. com/category/commercial/overloading/? forgottenpasswd 5http://www. symbol-asset. com/data/asset_highlight_ROC_v09. pdf 6http://www. nap. edu/openbook. php? annals_id=11189&page=3 7http://dl. acm. org/citation. cfm? id=1668223 8http://www. rfidaa. org/upload/documents/PDF/RFID%20explained. pdf 9http://arxiv. org/ftp/arxiv/papers/1002/1002. 1179. pdf 10http://searchmanufacturingerp. techtarget. com/definition/RFID