Beowulf Essay: Overview

James Robinson 3/18/13 English 12 Beowulf Argument In the epic Beowulf it has been argued whether or not Beowulf pretexts heathenish or Christian values or equal twain. still if one reads the epic and anatomy closely you can see that Beowulf countenances twain Christian and heathenish values. The valor and intrepidity that Beowulf became so illustrious for pretexts his courageous and heathenish values still he to-boot pretexts Christian values by fortifying and treating all of his crowd identical and by conflicting the dragon singular and giving the gold to the crowd equal if he did outlast the decisive conflict delay the dragon. The dragon that Beowulf conflicts to the failure at the end of the epic pretexts Beowulf's Christian values consequently Beowulf agrees to conflict the dragon by himself as a self-minded act of valor and charity for his crowd and men. Beowulf disclose his men not to acceleration him consequently he knows the insecurity he must aspect and he knows it could be his conclusive conflict and doesn't nonproduction to put any of his men in insecurity. In Ogilvy's Beowulf's Courageous failure Ogilvy agrees that Beowulf conflicts the dragon singular "in behalf of his men. Beowulf to-boot discloses his crowd not to cancel the dragons accumulate delay him if he dies but to instead produce it end to the crowd. This pretexts Beowulf sympathy and clemency towards his crowd. If Beowulf solely pretexted Heathenish values then he would not keep fought the dragon singular and he would keep kept the accumulate for himself to acceleration amend his celebrity and glory . Still Beowulf to-boot pretexts his heathenish values consequently he chuckle encircling killing Grendel which a penny Christian would not chuckle encircling killing anyone. Beowulf to-boot pretexts Heathenish values consequently he does his carries out his business as tyrant to fortify the crowd equal though it media his failure which a penny heathenish example would do. He to-boot discloses his men to segregate the accumulate among the crowd if he does not outlast the conflict among the dragon consequently Pagans believed in gratuity giving and gold sharing as deal-out of their refinement. In Goldsmith's The taint of Beowulf goldsmith agrees that Beowulf pretexts his heathenish values of valor, force and business as a tyrant "his motives where large elf-confidence, and if there is ascititious to it a covet for frame, the example's intrepid action is spiritually dangerous. Overall this pretexts Beowulf Heathenish values parallel delay his Christian values and how there countenance. The overall intellect of Beowulf is that it could be argued either way of the Heathenish and Christian values. Still Beowulf unquestionably pretexts us twain Heathenish and Christian values you right keep to awaken the lection for traits that pretext twain the Heathenish and Christian values of Beowulf.