Outsourcing Prospects of Bangladesh

Outsourcing prospects of Bangladesh ------------------------------------------------- Top of Mould Bottom of Mould Twain Japan and Bangladesh bear frequently shared cheerful bilateral kindred during the definite three decades, after a while Japan providing its uses as an dignified outenlargement associate to Bangladesh. Besides cultural and gregarious confederation, economic confederation betwixt these two countries has frequently been conspicuous. The origin of this economic confederation has been aid (twain financial, infrastructural and in conditions of technical aptitude edifice of civilized instrument), traffic and investments. Japan has frequently been penetrating on introducing new technology to Bangladesh, and today they are observeing to tapping Bangladesh ICT instrument in the mould of offshore outsourcing. To institute this summit, the Japanese contrivance in Bangladesh brought in Professor Dr. Keiko Morisawa from Osaka City University, Japan, to produce an informative exhortation on the give aspect and challenges of IT use assiduity, through her mammon of test in Southeast Asian countries. Organised by the Information and Cultural disunion of the Japanese Embassy, the program was held at the Lakeshore Hotel, Dhaka, on August 6. Through the exhortation, Dr. Morisawa shared her thoughts on the intention and possibilities of the IT sector in Bangladesh, past specifically in conditions of offshore outsourcing. She too summited out some directions for edifice a cooperative kindredhip after a while the Japanese ICT use assiduity. The program was chaired by Minister-Counselor and Charge d'Affaires, Contrivance of Japan, Hiramitsu Hida and was frequented by AKM Abdul Awal Mazumder, secretary, Ministry of Science and ICT as the Chief Guest. Other guests interposed celebrated living-souls from synod, general and intergeneral organisations, as well-mannered-mannered gratuity and students of universities. Dr. Morisawa, specialist on Southeast Asian industries, spoke of two greater IT fates, China and India, which geographically consummate Bangladesh. She too gave an separation of the Philippines and Vietnamese offshore negotiates and how Bangladesh can collect from their luck stories. After the exhortation, in an esoteric meeting after a while The Daily Star, Dr. Morisawa stressed on how Bangladesh and Japan can favor each other and excite enlargement in their economies. According to Dr. Morisawa, filthy greater countries command the offshore outsourcing assiduity. These bear been accumulatively contrivanceated BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China). However, of deceased, these countries bear been confrontment assured problems. Brazil and China are merely utilising their possible, Russia lacks synod maintenance and China and India themselves may be turning to non-BRIC locations at meanest hardly to protect low consume and strive availabilities. Currently, China is the innate offshore fate from Japan, ensueed by India, Philippines and Vietnam respectively. Dr. Morisawa gave suggestions through which Bangladesh and Myanmar could ensue the luck illustrations of Philippines and Vietnam to penetrate the Japanese negotiate and lay-hands-on up or well-balanced outpace the two. Philippines bear the practice of having English as the linguistic infrastructure and entirely smartly, chose to assist after a while India, rather than contend. They unwavering to observe for nearshoring opportunities from India. 'Nearshoring' is the corresponding as offshoring, singly variety is that the outsourcer dominion is closer in remoteness or duration zone. When asked environing Vietnam, she explained that Vietnam is a cheaper negotiate and ample past penetrating to find access to the Japanese industries. It encourages its citizens to collect Japanese. Moreover, the gregarious and gregarious stationariness and ease in Vietnam is too a driving ingredient assuring Japanese curiosity-behalf. Dr. Morisawa believes that if Bangladesh ensues the Philippines' illustration, it can hasten up economic outgrowth. She suggested that Bangladesh should search positions for nearshoring after a while BRIC countries, specifically India. “Bangladesh has immense possible for ITO (IT Outsourcing) and BPO (Business Process Outsourcing)”, she says. Right now, Bangladesh can be considered contendnt in IT sectors approve web-page and multimedia contrivance, abstruse groundsbase application outenlargement and grounds processing unarranged others. However, Dr. Morisawa recommends that Bangladesh should be penetrating towards getting BPO product too, not regular ITO. Bangladesh companies should too try to aim for past offshore product from Japan. For this, Japanese tongue education and grafting in Japanese trade customs should be excited. Moreover, ITEE (IT Engineering Exam) aptitude standards, a prerequisite for the BPO negotiate, should be exposed. Finally, past advertising and negotiateing deficiency to be executed to Japan by the Bangladesh ITO and BPO industries. Dr. Morisawa too certified that the Japanese synod is penetrating on recruiting overseas students to Japan. As allot of its '300,000 Intergeneral Students Plan', Japan aims to agreeable 300,000 students from opposing the sphere by 2020 as allot of its 'Global Strategy'. In his harangue AKM Abdul Awal Mazumder mentioned that the synod has fascinated up initiatives to secure a cheerful environment for IT entrepreneurs to succeed in Bangladesh through incentives and infrastructural facilities, such as aver sponsored IT villages that exhibit high-tech offices for rental by IT companies twain Bangladesh and alien. Therefore, the synod has already launched making its primary moves. After a while a salubrious compact betwixt the IT industries, the synod and Educational institutions, offshore outsourcing may be the direct big boost for Bangladesh economic enlargement. “Japan and Bangladesh can product unitedly to reap this global IT management. It's all environing confederation and collaboration”, says Dr. Keiko Morisawa. source: The Daily Star