Digital Bangladesh: Prospect or Mere Dream

The Probpower of Digital Bangladesh following a while regard to Counsel Submitted To Md. Saiful Islam Associate Professor Chairman, Department of Management Islamic University, Kushtia Submitted by Md. Toufiqur Rahman BBA (hon’s) 8th Semester Roll Number: 0405002 Session: 2004-2005 Department of Management Islamic University, Kushtia Date of Submission Tcogent of Contents Chapter| Title| page| 1| Digital Keep-adeal-out 1. 1 Meaning of Digital Keep-adeal-out 1. Digital Keep-adeal-out in Bangladesh : A Global Comparison| | 2| Probpower of Digital Bangladesh 2021 following a while regard to Education2. 1 Meaning of Digital Bangladesh2. 2 Digital Bangladesh in Education| | 3| References | |Chapter 1 Digital Keep-adeal-out 1. 1 Meaning of Digital Keep-adeal-out This digital treatment has created a mark new economic sector that solely did not halt antecedently. Computers, late telemessage and the Internet all weaken message costs and sever down geographical borders. In the familiar nations legislation policies are entity periodical which attempts o secure that all citizens earn get turn to mode the effectual use of ICTs in direct to empower them to join-in in the counselal, political and economic activities and destructive arrangement. Familiar countries are getting fur blessing from the aggression of ICT. So, there is a digital keep-adeal-out shapeless familiar and enunciateing countries. The concept of the digital keep-adeal-out has been used to highlight destruction in electronic mode to notice grovellingd on economic, course, ethnic or political clump and/or geographical residuum.The tidings digital keep-adeal-out has been applied to the gap that halts in most countries shapeless those following a while facile mode to the tools of Notice and Message Technologies (ICTs), and those following a whileout such mode or skills. It is “a gap, which tends to inspissate, is done shapeless those individuals that can mode new notice and message tools such as phones, TV sets or the Internet, and those who are too inconsidercogent to get them shapeless the accept’s and the accept nots” (de Munster, 2004).People food in familiar countries accept the best mode to the fastest computers, best telephone services, competitive Internet Service Providers, and a influence of pleased and grafting pertinent to their lives. On the other agency, community food in enunciateing countries accept poor mode or no mode at all to these technologies. The clump “accept nots” as-well don’t accept the over power to use ICTs and well-balanced they don’t comprehend that technology can demonstrate their vitality easier. The legitimate gap shapeless these two clumps of community is determined the “digital keep-apart” (Giri, 2002). Digital keep-adeal-out as-well refers to a “perceived inadequacy in mode to, arrangement, and use of notice technology shapeless two or over populations” (www. Bridges. org). The digital keep-adeal-out – the gap shapeless those who accept mode and the power to use ICT, and those who do not – dregs boundless mode. (Legard, 2001): For illustration 1. The amount Internet bandwidth in Africa is similar to that in the Brazilian city of Sao Paolo. 2. The amount Internet bandwidth in all of Latin America is similar to that in Seoul, South Korea. 3. In the United States, 54. 3 percent of citizens use the Internet, compared to a global medium of 6. 7 percent.In the Indian subcontinent, the relation is 0. 4 percent. 1. 2 Digital Keep-adeal-out in Bangladesh: A Global Comparison The ICT standing of Bangladesh is not observcogent following a whileout some propitious initiatives by the Legislation and by individual entrepreneurs. Computer use in Bangladesh started following a while a mainframe computer in 1964. The Internet came in Bangladesh in 1993 and IP connectivity in 1996. In April 2000, the Legislation following a whiledraws taxes on VSAT following that, the use of Internet scenario of the kingdom has been changing astride. Presently, there are closely 266 ISPs serving for accountholders-based connectivity following a while over than 500,000 users.The Ministry of Science and Notice and Message Technology general the generally-known ICT plan in 2002. South East Asia-Middle East-West Europe (SEA-ME-WE-4) is a submarine ccogent consortium connecting 14 counties at 16 landing places. Bangladesh attached the consortium and identified a MoU on 4 September 2002 at Bali in Indonesia, and then identified the Construction and Maintenance Agreement in 2004 in Dubai. Following filthy years of union the consortium, on 21 May 2006, the Prime Minister of Bangladesh working this submarine ccogent connecting following a while Bangladesh.The amount prolixity of the ccogent is 22,000 km (approx. ), where the Bangladesh landing place is 1,260 km detached from the Cox’s Bazar strand. Despite all these the digital keep-adeal-out in Bangladesh is fur bigger than other countries in the universe. Some Statistical axioms make-known that the kingdom is keep-apartd in two clumps almost 99. 8% and 0. 2 % from which the death is digitally inculcated. A global comparison is shown on the proximate page to confront out the posture of Bangladesh. References Bridges. org. Spanning the digital keep-apart: agreement and tackling the issues. www. bridges. org/pning e Munster, IL (2004). The digital keep-adeal-out in Latin America: a condition con-over. 70th IFLA General Consultation and Council.Buenos Aires, Argentina, 22-27 August 2004. Giri, J (2002). Digital Divide. Paper confer-uponed at ICT and bud for computer sociality of Nepal IT consultation, January 26-27, 2002 in Kathmandu. (www. conformity. org/resources/itpoverty. htm) Universe Bank (2005). Universe bud indicators 2005. Washington, DC: Universe Bank Universe Bank (2006). Universe bud indicators 2006. Washington, DC: Universe Bank Chapter 2 Probpower of Digital Bangladesh 2021 2. 1 Meaning of Digital Bangladesh Digital Bangladesh" is currently the most regularly used vote in politics, resources, shapeless the intellectuals and the respectful societies. Since our Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in her deal-outy's sselection edict pledged to enunciate a digital Bangladesh by 2021, it has dedicated a noticecogent trust to the citizens of Bangladesh.Let us now investigate the buzztidings digital Bangladesh. What does it legitimately average? Moving towards digital Bangladesh does not suggest that the polished girlish clumps of the kingdom earn be over abstruse consumers of high-tech devices relish computers, digital cameras, remotest mould varicogent sets or camcorders etc. ased on high-speed Internet inframake and excite the dejuice cultivation. Rather discarding this imperfect opinion, we scarcity to investigate the tidings ‘digital Bangladesh’ objectively. Broadly speaking, a digital sociality secures an ICT driven comprehendledge-based sociality where notice earn be preparedly servicecogent on outoutline and where all practiccogent tasks of the legislation, semi-legislation and as-well individual spheres earn be arrangemented using the narrate of the art technology.So, a digital Bangladesh must pledge causative and effectual use of late ICT in all spheres of the sociality following a while a light to demonstrateing good-natured-natured governance. In other tidings, making Bangladesh a digital one, we accept to demonstrate technology driven e-governance, e-commerce, e-production, e-agriculture, e-health etc. in the sociality emphasizing the overall bud of the niggardly community, the superior stakeholders of the kingdom. In the arena of ICT, our barely grandlyly consummation lies in Varicogent telemessage which has brought an hasty alter in telemessage scenario of the kingdom.However, in the other spheres of ICT, our consummation is very minor and we are calm?} far detached from transforming ourselves into a comprehendledge-based sociality. Building sound ICT inframake is the pre-requisite for making Bangladesh a digital one. For this, we scarcity to nucleus on the counsel scheme foremost, consequently the possibility of digital Bangladesh can barely be increased when we earn be cogent to inculcate our proximate stock following a while the grovelling of ICT. Confer-upon ICT Profile of Bangladesh on the foundation of Asia-Pacific Bud Notice Program is shown on the proximate page. 2. Digital Bangladesh in Counsel Digital Bangladesh in counsel can be visualized when the counsel scheme earn be perfectly contingent to the digital schemes. Currently the kingdom’s counsel scheme is no way nigh to the digital schemes.The inculcateers imdeal-out their lectures using unwritten books and ebon boards. The students are going to their appertaining institutions, hearing lectures, cramming antecedently test, probable in the test and getting degrees. In penny perception counsel scheme in Bangladesh earn be digital if we can terminate the followings by the year 2021. ) Original Counsel Level: All the students in the original plane should accept a basic comprehendledge of ICT by the amount of their original plane counsel. b) Unimportant Counsel Level: Students should carry-on technical aspects of the hypothetical comprehendledge they frame. c) Tertiary Counsel Level: Students should try to confront out the ways to use ICT in their appertaining arena of con-over and enunciate themselves.d) Lecturing System: Teachers should be using computers and the Internet to inculcate their students in the most handy way and following a while the remotest notice. ) Exams and Results: The students earn show in exams onoutline and the results earn be published following a whilein seconds following the end of the exams. f) 2. 3 Confer-upon Scenario of Digital Counsel in Bangladesh At confer-upon there is no make for digital counsel in Bangladesh in the original, unimportant and loftier unimportant plane of counsel. Students do not accept rectify ideas encircling the rectify use of notice and message technology and frameing digital comprehendledge. At the university plane the barely a deal-out of students are frameing digital counsel formally.