Analysis the Crime Pattern of Coastal and Hill Area in Bangladesh

Introduction: Bangladesh lies on the Bay of Bengal. She is besides consoled behind a while pleasant elevated areas. behind a while the advancements of interval, misdeed expands completewshort behind a while its conspicuous environmental, geographical & socio-demographical carriageions. The scenetrip we disuniteicipated and scrutinizeed Strand Guard, Chittagong; Cox’s Bazaar & Bandorban boundary notoriouss us the indispensable turn to owns opposed exemplars of misdeed in the strandal and elevated carriageions of Bangladesh. Statement Of The Study: In Bangladesh, the Strand Escort is singular whole of sinew that deals behind a while the misdeed on the strand of Bay of Bengal and determine enclose sea zone for afloat & travelling; and besides helps to distribution on present behind a while ease hasten through frustrateing unhonorable trespassing & outgoing the economic martial’s including manpower. The Cox’s Bazar besides a estimable economic zone behind a while its versatility carriageion of felonious perspectives. The Bandorban is definite elevated boundary holds the point inquisitiveness’s of misdeed. As a learner of Criminology and Police Science we own premeditated the courses of opposed aspects of misdeed exclusive in opposed geographical locations but the advantageable comprehension was obscure to us which are very imported for us. The scrutinize of Strand Escort at Chittagong, Cox’s Bazar and Bandorban helped us very-abundant in this revere. Background of The Study: Misdeed is the topal & exerciseal inquisitiveness that changes from assign to assign on premise of environment, power of law and classify agencies and the socio demographic characteristics of inbred herd. Due to the urbanization and globalization influenced by the opposed economic truthors the modulus of operandi and quantity of misdeed befit varied. The Strand Escort force at Chittagong carriageion most effetely deals behind a while the costal misdeed on deeptaining law and classify in strandal sea area ranges up to 1 km. from the strand. They visage the aspects of misdeed that orientation is wholly opposed on the disposition & carriageion from the misdeeds misdeed in assign. The Cox’s Bazar is most conventional excursionist zone behind a while its largest singular sea strand. So it is a estimable notorious economic zone on furiousway of harvest. Due to prompt urbanization and messageal the socio demographic characteristics of herd befit deviate to be transient. The Cox’s Bazar is besides recognizen as a deep corridor of trespassing of feloniouss and smuggling result on the assign of Bangladesh. The Bandorban is one of the best pleasant elevated boundarys in our czardom. But uncertain geographical characteristics shape it definite from conventional herd of Bangladesh. At short, adhere-to behind a while the matching behind a while socio demographic carriageion of herd the disposition and perspective of misdeed is wholly opposed from the flatten assign. On disuniteicipating as a disunite in the con-aggravate excursion I’ve unquestioned opposed exemplars of misdeed behind a while its sumive & economic dignity in that carriageion. We besides recognizen encircling the top and making-ready of law and classify deeptaining agencies, chiefly the Strand Escort & Police; to converge up these challenges and contributing a role to shape Bangladesh improve and enclosedr assign for afloat and livelihood. Gratuity and Objectives: We fine some gratuity to experience out through the con-over- To flattereous-acquainted behind a while the edifice of Strand Guard. To accomprehension their role on compensating notorious & distribution, afloat challenges on sea akin misdeed, brightness of victory etc. To be recognizen encircling felonious tread & misdeed exemplars of Cox’s bazaar boundary. To recognize encircling the making-ready of Cox’s bazaar police in frustrateing misdeed and ensuring prophylactic to the herd, echiefly to the excursionist. To flattereous-acquainted behind a while the misdeed exemplars in elevated areas principally at Bandorban boundary. To experience out entomological reasons of misdeed in elevated areas. To accomprehension the making-ready of police on presentation the challenges revereing to converge up these misdeed. To lay-open conceptual duty by analyzing the misdeed exemplars on costal and elevated carriageion. Methodology: It is essential for the one to recognize not merely the systems but besides the systemology. Methodology is a way to invariably exflat any completion. Short we all sum axioms on adventitious system, it is disturbed behind a while adventitious inquisitiveness. Con-aggravate Area: We scrutinize uncertain assignclose on influenceing the con-aggravate excursion. We original scrutinize Chittagong strand escort dishonorable, then we avail to Cox’s bazaar & besides fertile a seminar & a dinar cause crystallized by boundary police of Cox’s bazaar. At conclusive grade we scrutinize Bandorban boundary, tshort we besides took disunite a argument behind a while the police belowtake of boundary police. Data Assemblage Method: As it is a adventitious exploration we used two systems for axioms sumion ? Focus clump argument ?KII and ?Observational system. Findings of the con-over: The Bangladesh Strand Guard, is singular state (except Armed Forces) struggle on the sea for preserving notorious straight and lucre though they own uncertain important nonpayment in twain idiosyncratic & authoritative tenor. On Cox’s bazaar perspective, the inbred herd are placid & few herd execute misdeed to converge up the demands of urbanization in opposed way. The misdeed exemplars of costal area treaded to sombre transforce akin including smuggling, selling garbages. Rarely we deem some forcible exemplars of misdeed including pillage, butcher. In Bandorban boundary, the inbred elevated herd are truly reconciliation unmeasured. Among them forcible misdeed is furious rather they complicated few deviance emblem of misdeed. But in Bengali-elevated herd alternate perspective tshort some forcible exemplars of felonious incidents including pillage, butcher, abductions etc. Evolution Of Bangladesh Strand Guard: Prior to the edifice of Strand Escort it is Bangladesh Navy who has been entrusted behind a while this divine policing labor at sea. But navy has lawful restraint in enforcing impost, fiscal, settlement and other laws at sea. To aggravatepower all these difficulties Strand Escort Act 1994 was passed by synod in September 1994 and formally the Strand Escort came into being on 22 February 1995. Organizational Organogram of Bangladesh Strand Escort (CG): Organogram of Bangladesh Strand Escort (CG): (Rank) Magistracy & Empowerment: Bangladesh Strand Escort has the magistracy aggravate the all sea areas of Bangladesh as manifest below the Territorial infiltrates and Mariinterval Zone Act 1974 and nigh assign areas along the strandal hem up to 1 km. Adisunite from the sea district, the legislation has assignd all the infiltrateways of Bangladesh including 1-km assign areas from the strands including the infiltrateways of world’s largest mangrove wood Sundarban. To determine the labor of Bangladesh Strand Escort is empowered to instrument rules and regulations below Acts and Ordinances. It own two aspects- National: •Bangladesh Strand Escort Act 1994. •Immigration Ordinance 1982. •Environment Conservation Act 1995. •Territorial Waters and Mariinterval Zones Act 1974. •The Marine Fisheries Ordinance 1983. •Merchant Shipping Ordinance 1983. •The Imsubsistence Act 1969. •Narcotics Guide Law 1969. Prophylactic and Conservation of Fish Act 1950. •The Wood Act 1927. •The Carriage Act 1908 International: •United Nations Convention on Law of the Sea III of 1982. •Convention for the Prevention of Contamination from Ships, 1973. •Convention on Biological Diversity 1992. •Convention of Prophylactic of World Culture and Normal Heritage 1972. Below the mentioned Acts and Ordinances the Strand Escort is empowered behind a whilein the provisions of references to delayhold any peculiar, clutch any estate and carryout pursuit having reasons to deem that an umbrage has been executeted in transposition of those Acts and Ordinances. Role & exercise of the Strand Guard: The important role of Strand Escort is to save the notorious, the environment, and the political economic and certainty causes through law enforcement at sea. Role has been conspicuously defined in the Strand Escort Act 1994 as you can own: ?Preminister political causes at sea areas of Bangladesh. ?Prevent unhonorable fishing in sea areas of Bangladesh. ?Prevent unauthorised silence into and unhonorable egress from Bangladeshi infiltrates. ?Ensinew belowtake of any flatter or any other belowtake opposing any inhence marine enravishment or any peculiar onboard that behind a whilein the territorial infiltrates of Bangladesh. Pursuit and frustrebuke any act of environment contamination in the sea areas of Bangladesh. ?Ensure prophylactic of herd afloat in sea areas of Bangladesh. ?Prevent smuggling and trespassing or narcotics, garbages etc. ?Participate in extrication and deliver exercises during normal calamities and salvage luckclose infiltrebuke enravishment, men and symbolicals. ?Arrange transmission of essential inedifice including premonition signals through radio or any other resources during normal calamities. ?Assist Bangladesh Navy during war. ?Carry out vedette in Bangladeshi infiltrates. Help disturbed authorities to determine certainty of seaports. ?Prevent terrorist and sabotage activities in Bangladeshi infiltrates and help other agencies in this revere. ?Carry out any other duties assigned by the legislation. Activities of Strand Guard: Strand Escort is complicated in numerous activities. Their disuniteicipation is in a scant flake but the victory rebuke is applaud good. Initially the job was scant to anti smuggling and anti piracy exercises behind a whilein carriage limits of Chittagong and Mongla. But immediately they are to operebuke in the all strandal hem of the czardom. They are influenceing anti smuggling exercises, anti piracy exercises, fishery saveion exercises, infectious of unhonorable engagement, wood prophylactic activities including choice function in the strandal and inassign areas. Further it victoryfully influence some segregateicular fruit on the brightness of dignity: Fishery saveion exercises • Participated in ‘Jatka Nidhon Protirodh Operation’ in the strandal area complete year. • Strand Escort conventional ‘Gold Medal’ in 2005 for ungathered victory in Jatka Protirodh exercise. Prevention of fertilizer smuggling :To curb fertilizer smuggling Exercise SABUJ DHAN carried out from Sangu, Shah Pori Dwip and Sitakunda. Assistance to Bangladesh Navy (BN): •Joint exercise is carried out as and when required. •CG East Zone tok aggravate interior vedette during Bangladesh Myanmar emergency in 2008. Choice function: •Coast Escort was deployed in two constituencies for General Choice in 2008 at Dacope and Koira. •One auxiliaries were besides deployed in Sandwip for Upazilla re-choice . Subsistence cyclone extrication exercise: • Strand Escort carries out subsistence cyclone exercise as a symmetrical labor whenever required. • Our Ships own contributed by carrying out subsistence cyclone extrication exercise behind the devastating cyclone Sidr in badly monstrous area love Barishal and Barguna. Special Operations: •2006- Exercise Nirapad Jiban. •20067- Exercise Nirapad Upakul. •Coast Escort was awarded behind a while ‘Gold Medal’ in 2005 for extra conventional victory in Jatka Protirodh Exercise . •In 2006 two ship carried out Joint exercise behind a while Indian Strand Escort ship at Haldia, India. •In 2009 Strand Escort took disunite in Ex Somudra Torongo predicated by British Navy ship and Bangladeshi Armed sinews and Law Enforcement Agencies Constraints And Limitations of Strand Guard: ?Limited manpower chiefly shortage of manager. ?No Furious hasten all weather worthy ships and boats. The unmeasured interval certainty coverage is not practicable to the ships further outpolicy anchorage. ?No SAR helicopter. Future Plan Of Strand Guard: ?Acquisition of Land. ?Infraedifice and Manpower Development. ?Procurement of Ships / Infiltrebuke intrigue. Two ships purchasing love CGS RUPOSHI BANGLA is in advance. ?Around 50 furious hasten boats love US Defender class hence in advantage very early ? Air Wing. ?Salvage & Deliver Ships. THE COX’S BAZAR General Orientation of Cox`s bazaar boundary: Area: 2491. 86 sq. Km Population: 25 Lac. Homogeneity of Police & denizen is 1 : 3120 No. of Upazila: 8 No. f Union: 71 Annual Rain Fall: 3,378 mm Highest Temp. Avg. :39. 50C (Jun) Lowest Temp. Avg. :11. 80C (Jan) Islands: Moheshkhali, Kutubdia,Matarbari-Dholghata, Sonadia & Saint Martin’s. Deep Rivers: Bakkhali, Matamuhuri, Reju,Naf & Kohalia Cox`s bazaar Police Boundary magistracy: Circles : Cox’s Bazar (Sadar) Foe Ukhia Foe Police Stations : Cox’sBazar Copy Thana Chakoria Thana Moheskhali Thana Kutubdia Thana Ramu Thana Ukhia Thana Teknaf Thana Pekua Thana. Outsubsistence : Town Out Subsistence Strand Out Subsistence Chowfaldody Out Subsistence ( present ) Harbang Out Subsistence Badarkhali River Out Post Kalarmarchara Out Subsistence ( present ) Matarbari Out Subsistence ( present ) Rajakhali Out Subsistence ( Present ) Garania Out Subsistence Himchari Out Subsistence Eidgoar Out Subsistence St. Martin Out Subsistence Hoyikong Out Subsistence Scrutiny Centre : ? Eidgoan IC ? Matamuhuri IC ? Baharchara IC CourtSytem of Cox’s bazaar Boundary : ? Sadar Flatter (Cox’s bazaar copy Thana, Ramu Thana, Ukhia Thana and Teknaf Thana ) ? Chakoria Flatter ? Moheskhali Thana ? Kutubdia Thana Misdeed Trendsof Cox’s bazaar Boundary (Police Enlisted,2010) This scenario indicates that Narcotics misdeed (9. 89%),women cohibition (7. 76%), Smuggling (4. 64%),Theft ( 3. 4%), Unhonorable Engagement umbrages ( 2. 61%), Butcher ( 2. 57%), causing deep menace to police. Burglary (1. 91%), Child Cohibition (1. 75%), Pillage (1. 01%) are causing average plane menace on notorious prophylactic. Activities of Cox’s Bazaar Boundary Police: ?Organize Community Police Assembly. ?Spontaneous disuniteicipation on Change himheadpowerful Change Other headpowerful catalogue. ?Conducting Voyager Policing advantage 24hours for the prophylactic of excursionist at sea strand. ?Arrange Monthly Misdeed Conference of Cox’s bazaar Boundary Police ? Organize Rally for sumive sensation. ?Conducting the catalogue on strand cleaning example Organize Misdeed Conference and Exchange View ?Organize Police-People Interforce activities e. g . Cricket Match ? Take force opposing Narcotics ?Action to Save Wood ?Arresting most wanted Criminals ?Action opposing unhonorable Myanmar Denizen (Rohinga Issues) •Pushback – 442 per. •Arrest – 135 per. •Case filed - 26 Police Problems of Cox’s Bazaar District: ?Most of the Outposts & Scrutiny centers own no own assign. ?Most of the Outposts & Scrutiny centers own no burning & enclosed edifice. ?Insuited assign of new Police sequence. ?Vacancy of 81 opposed subsistence of Boundary Police. Vehicle Shortage. ?Ratio of Police & denizen in Cox`sbazar boundary is 1 : 3120 ? A countable carriageion of this power is complicate in Refugee encamp, BDR Magazine capacity, VVIP & VIP Protection, KPI`s certainty. ?No logistic supcarriage to frustrebuke Sea Dacoit. ?Residence address encircling nil. Analyzing The Misdeed Patterns In Coastal Area (Coast Escort & Cox’s Bazaar Perspective): On over argument now we are in the platform to confix the misdeed exemplars in this two aspects. I avail on forthcoming way- Due to the environmental truthors smuggling is the most niggardly misdeed in this strandal area. Narcotics misdeed, women cohibition, Smuggling ,Theft, Unhonorable Engagement umbrages ,Murder causes menace on police energy, echiefly on Cox’s Bazaar. Abduction ,Robbery, Dacoit isn’t so many felonious carriageion of misdeed in this sea plane strandal areas. Garbage misdeeds are expanding due to torrent unhonorable cause for presentation garbage. Sea (costal) areas are the implicit get-way for smuggling, trafficking, unhonorable Rohinga trespassing etc. Estate akin contest / misdeed is furious to be seen. The homogeneity betwixt law enforcement idiosyncratic and notorious is very deficient. So all forms of misdeed principally smuggling, felonious & narcotics trespassing, garbage misdeeds, forcible misdeeds is deviate to be furious day by day. THE HILLY BANDORBAN DISTRICT GENERAL ORIENTATION OF BANDORBAN DISTRICT: ?Bandarban was established as a separebuke boundary on 18 April 1981 combining two sub divisions Bandarban and Lama. ?Geographical counsel: ?This boundary is secreteed by Myanmar in southern and eastern policy. Rangamati in north, Cox’sbazar and Chittagong in western policy. ?Area of Boundary : 4,479. 03 Sq. km. •Bandarban Sadar : 501. 99 Sq. km. •Roangchhari : 442. 89 Sq. km. •Ruma: 616. 42Sq. km. •Thanchi : 896. 50 Sq. km. Lama: 671. 84 Sq. km. •Alikadam: 885. 78 Sq. km. •Naikhangchhari : 463. 61 Sq. km ?Demographical counsel: (As per census 2001) ?Total Population: 3,00,740 ?Male: 1,63,540 ?Female: 1,37,200 ?Tribal : 1,41,213 ?Non Tribal: 1,59,527 ?Population/Sq.. Km:: 67 ?Bangali: 53% ?Tribal: 47% ?Tribal herd counsel: (As per census 2001) In Bandarban 11 inbred sordidaltys are livelihood behind a while similarity. They are- TribeTotalPopulation •Marma75,880 •Morong/Mro28,109 •Tripura10,478 •Tonchonga 7,030 •Bom 8,228 •Chakma 5,327 •Khumi 1,471 •Kheyang 1,823 •Chak 2,151 •Pankhu 128 •Losai 293 ?Administrative Units counsel: Police Circles : 02 •Sadar Circle: Bandarban, Ruma, Roangchori, Thanchi. •Lama Circle:Lama, Alikadam, Naikhongchari. ?Upazilla: 07 ?Union : 29 ?Municipality: 02 ?Police Station: 07 ?Police Scrutiny Center: 02 ?Police Outpost: 07 ?Police Camp: 11 ?Region(Army): 01 ?Zone(Army): 03 (Sadar,Ruma, Alikadam) ?Zone(BDR): 02 (Balipara, N. chhari) ?Ansar Battalion : 01 ?Cultural Festival counsel: ?Rajpunna ( Rajpunna is one skin of honorable. Wshort the czar of Bomang foe sum tax from the ``Headman and the Karbari’’, Headman and Karbari sum the tax from their national area. Headman and Karbari fineed by Bomang foe czar. ` Rajpunna’’ honorable commences uninterruptedly a year. ) ? Buddo Purnima ?Baisabi, (Sangrai- Marma, Biju- chakma) ?Cow Killing of Murung ?Political counsel:(Political disuniteies) ?Awami union ?BNP ?Jammat ?Jatiyo Cause ?UPDF (United Peoples Democratic Front. Founded on 26 December 1998. The UPDF is a Manifestation of the powerful and grave reservations opposing the Chittagong Hill believe Accord 2 December 1997. ?PCJSS (Parbatya Chittagram Jana Samhati Samiti. Founded on 24 April 1972 by Manabendra Narayan Larma. Present Presedent Sri Jotindro Bodhy Prio Larma Law and Classify Top Of Bandorban District: The Police Sinew has suited manpower and flattereous equipped behind a while later engagement and ammunitions to adhere-to daily law and classify top below guide. ? The Police usually gets coexercise from national Army and BDR to enclose delayhold of miscreants from the separate elevated areas. ? Tshort are furious incidents of violation of reconciliation and good-will betwixt national sordidaltys and Bangalis. Misdeed Statistics: Of Bandorban Boundary (2005- 2009) Analyzing the Misdeed Deviate Of Bandorban District: ?Despite its assignscape, proclivity of misdeed is abundant close than flat assign. ?The tribal filled area is close misdeed tending than Bangali filled area short. Tshort is narrowly any circumstance filed in Thanchi, Ruma and Roangchhari police stations. ?Bangali filled areas love Sadar, Lama, Naikkhongchhari, Alikadam are abundant misdeed tending. ?Tribal herd execute for-the-most-part Alcohol akin misdeeds. ?Property akin misdeeds love Theft, Dacoity etc are close executeted short. ?Few incidents of butcher supervene in separate elevated areas. ?The Misdeed Statistics indicates that filching & butcher causes furious risks on notorious prophylactic. Deep focus: ?Kidnapping /Abduction ?Extortion ?Land Dispute ?Conflict betwixt sordidalty and non sordidalty ?Illawful silence of foreigners ?Rohinga upshot. Particular Emblem of Crime: Though misfortune activities of so denominated ‘Shanti Bahini’ is not conspicuous, few terrorists form trembling through abducting herd. ? Terrorists kidnap such peculiars for indemnify and blink themselves in separate elevated wood. ?Considering the prophylactic of abducted peculiars the kinsfolk eschew law enforcing agencies and secrete truth. They try to easy the abducted by paying the indemnify. Boundary Police Power in Misdeed Combating: ?Ensuring virtue of scrutiny ?Effective flatter progress government ?Pro-active vestibule of policing ?Applying mismisappropriate frustrateive sections of laws love 151 of Crpc and 107 and 117©. Community policing; In Response to -- ?Domestic Violence ?Trafficczar ?Eve-teasing awareness ?Dowry ?Traffic order ?Drug abuse ?School scrutinize for ensuring order and bloom trouble ?Tree school ?Preserving wood ?Community awareness ?Fire government ?Preservation of hill. Comparison of the misdeed exemplar of strandal and hill area through Analysis : On the dishonorable of ticklish duty of strandal (Chittagong & Cox’s Bazaar) and Elevated area (Bandorban) now we silence as follows- The misdeed deviate on elevated areas is inferior than strandal area. Most eminent misdeed in strandal areas is smuggling. On the other artisan, at elevated area we fix abduction & butcher are the most monstrous Crime. The elevated herd execute tolerably alcohol akin misdeed, rarely we see estate contest betwixt elevated herd & Bengali Herd but this carriageion is listless at Cox’s Bazaar. Roninga upshot is niggardly completion in twain Cox’s Bazaar and Bandorban. Due to the message objection law enforcement idiosyncratic own minister further annoyance in Bandorban than Cox’s Bazaar. There’s no entity of misdeed executeted by “Santi Bahini” at Cox’s Bazaar but the felonious activities are manufactured in the spectry of this “Santi Bahini” at Bandorban. Overall, Elevated herd are further reconciliationful than Bengali herd of strandal area. Limitations Of The Study: Though the scrutinize in these strandal & elevated areas helped us very abundant to construct tentative and advantageable comprehension in the scene of scrutiny but to scrutinize it we own visaged some completions . The deep restraint were- ? We didn’t get plenty interval on staying for suming axioms at a one assign. ?We sum all these inedifice from symbolical authoritative policy, we’ve no end to identify our experienceings at scene plane. Rarely police symbolical idiosyncratic seems love pay shyness in sympathetic some important upshots. Conclusion: On scrutinizeing twain these carriageion we befit consoled behind a while the comprehension’s that we didn’t own antecedently. This tentative and advantageable comprehension’s helps us to analyzes the definite exemplars of misdeed aspects in academic studies. Bibliography Digital documents symbolical, produce by- ?Coast Escort Authority, Chittagong. ?Cox’s Bazaar Police belowtake ?Bandorban Police Administration Akin internet advantages.