Not an Ayn Rand Essay

The falsehood innovating, The Fountainhead, by Ayn Rand is based off of her philosophy of Objectivism. Ayn Rand defines and separates her philosophy of Objectivism into lewd contrariant and plain multiplys. The principal multiply Ayn Rand explains is Metaphysics. Metaphysics is an concrete genuineness where you solely sanction basis as genuineness and not fantasies or desires. The present multiply of Objectivism is Epistemology, which is discussing by perceiving genuineness by using notice or basis as your regulate. The third multiply is Ethics and self-interest. The decisive multiply of Objectivism is laissez-faire capitalism, which is similar occupation suitableness the empire acts as a police soundness solely. The third multiply of Objectivism, Ethics and Self-Interest, is explained by Ayn Rand as “Man—every man—is an end in himself, not the resources to the ends of others. He must rest for his own end, neither sacrificing himself to others nor sacrificing others to himself. The idiosyncrasy of his own sound self-interest and of his own likement is the pre-eminent intellectual scope of his vivacity. ” – Ayn Rand. This name is best represented as Individualism in Objectivism. Ayn Rand’s size, The Fountainhead, compares the purposels of stay-souls in part-amongicipation and appearances how the idiosyncraticists act contrariantly and, by the end, beseem signed and contemplateed upon as cheerful when they adhere to their own purposels. Howard Roark is educed as the protagonist of The Fountainhead. Roark is so the best representation of Ayn Rand’s philosophy, Objectivism. Lois Cook is introduced into the size by search Peter Keating to establish an ungainly stock to her recompense, proverb “Let’s be gods. Let’s be ungainly” (Cook, 241) . Twain Howard Roark and Lois Cook twain reach their own idiosyncrasy for self-interest and to their own likement as the pre-eminent intellectual scope of their lives. Level though Lois Cook can be seen as an idiosyncratic, her self-interests can be seen as guilty, which can be determined that Lois is not an Individualist, suitableness Howard Roark is best fit as an idiosyncraticist in the eyes of Ayn Rand. When we contemplate into the romance The Fountainhead, we meet the characteristics that twain Howard Roark and Lois Cook represent. When Ayn Rand wrote The Fountainhead, she prepared to hold the syntax sincere so readers could get an discuss of Objectivism and idiosyncraticism. We can lucidly see that the protagonist, Howard Roark, is represented as an objectivist and idiosyncraticist, who so rejects the surpass of gregarious standards, suitableness Lois Cook is seen as a primordial, who objects the best of gregarious standards. When we go level further into The Fountainhead, we discern that Howard Roark loves his mark of presentistic artfulness in edifice rather than referring to the older and past identifieffectual marks of edifice from narrative, such as Greek or Roman edifice. Because he prefers to presentize his own artfulnesss, he is pendulous from Stanton’s establish of technology and has been removed from distinct jobs. Roark was offered a job to establish a new bank, but he won’t transmute any of his own artfulnesss. The surpass multiply encircling Howard Roark’s out of luck plight is that his artfulnesss are radiant. Level Peter Keating refers to Howard Roark in needs of abettance, owing Howard Roark’s artfulnesss are portentous and singular to the eyes of mass. Even then, when Howard Roark isn’t ardent honor for artfulnessing the establishings, honor was all ardent to Keating, who didn’t keep sufficient belief for himself to, at the lowest, beneathtake to educe his own surveyorural artfulnesss. Suitableness we live to contemplate at Howard Roark, we can see that suitableness Ayn Rand educed Howard Roark, he comes as his own externally sacrificing or surrendering his own beliefs to reach himself a upper buildation in part-amongicipation, and Roark solely pursues his own self-interests to induce himself to his pre-eminent intellectual scope. Howard Roark has his own idiosyncratic goals that others would see as contemptible and obtuse, suitableness he comeed as an idiosyncratic succeeding a conjuncture his own purposels and succeeded. These are what Ayn Rand would attend idiosyncraticized, owing Howard Roark beneathtakes to reach a transmute succeeding a conjuncturein part-amongicipation and has his own values, suitableness part-amongicipation wishes to stop the similar and put down others who don’t ensue what they revere in. Howard Roark seeks to educe, not discusseffectual his primordial artfulnesss and establishing, but so a view of primordiality. Henry Cameron, Howard Roark’s impulse, uninterruptedly told him that true he transmuted his purposels of edifice, he would never reach it big in the vocation. Howard Roark spoiled what he said anyways, proverb that he wishes to live succeeding a conjuncture his own employment. Level when he got compensated by Francon & Heyer, Howard Roark lived to adhere succeeding a conjuncture his own presentistic artfulnesss aggravate conforming on older surveyorural artfulnesss. Howard Roark level made his own edifice and establishing established which was built on his own present beliefs and purposels. Further on in the size, Howard Roark lived to come succeeding a conjuncture his own purposels and beliefs when he went to flatter twice. During the principal ordeal, he was sued for the edifice of a establishing, which was plotted by Ellsworth Toohey. Toohey did this so he could exclude the innovative Howard Roark from the surveyor vocation, which was approximately fortunate. Roark was build profligate and had to bar down his surveyor established, but quiescent had belief in his own purposels. The cooperate ordeal was on the exercise of Howard Roark demolishing the Cortlandt homes scheme, succeeding his plans entity transmuted. During the ordeal, Howard Roark made some statements encircling illiberality and encircling stoping idiosyncratic succeeding a conjuncture oneself. Howard Roark goes on encircling mass who educe and how they endure from the profligateness of societies, which is in intimation to Peter Keating when he asked Roark for acceleration all of the spaces Keating asked Roark for acceleration on regular artfulnesss, which made Keating far-famed. Howard Roark was succeeding build not profligate and won the ordeal Howard Roark ended up marrying Dominique Francon succeeding owing he was positive succeeding a conjuncture his own idiosyncratic purposes suitableness Peter Keating wasn’t effectual to be idiosyncratic. Howard Roark is definitely educed as an idiosyncraticist by Ayn Rand, owing he prevails through all of the plights he meets succeeding a conjuncture his own purposels succeeding a conjuncture him. Whether or not the outcomes for Howard Roark were cheerful or bad, he never transmuted his purposels or beliefs in every plight, making him an idiosyncraticist. Suitableness Howard Roark is largely disclosed to be an idiosyncraticist, Lois Cook has a view of idiosyncraticism, but is too primordial and imintellectual to be classified as an idiosyncraticist. As we contemplate into The Fountainhead, Cook has appearancen herself despite most of the gregarious norms. Level though Howard Roark doesn’t ensue gregarious standards, Lois Cook goes to the imintellectual most-violents of disclaiming cheerful hygiene and provisions of stay areas. She doesn’t conceive encircling the profligate government of upper authorities or any of the other enormously faulty gregarious problems. The discuss that Ayn Rand appearances her readers Lois Cook was to appearance a special who beneathtakeed idiosyncraticism, but did not largely beseem idiosyncratic. Lois Cook has characteristics relish an idiosyncraticist but isn’t precisely one. Lois Cook lacks to be someone primordial, contrariant, an idiosyncratic, but her purposels are most-violent and guilty. Is it not very indulgent to discuss that faulty hygiene is a cheerful purpose. It so isn’t indulgent to discuss that anyone could like faultyly artfulnessed establishings. It is telling out distinctly that Lois Cook is primordially imintellectual and isn’t an idiosyncratic. Some potentiality intimate that Lois Cook is a special who educes. Others potentiality discuss that her eccentricity reachs her and idiosyncraticist quiescent. But, her purposels could be best unconfused as nihilistic. Nihilism is a lack to demolish and refusal of intellectuals. Lois Cook could be best compared succeeding a conjuncture Ellsworth Toohey, who so lacked to demolish mass’s reputations, mass such as Howard Roark in the surveyorural vocation. Ayn Rand explained entity idiosyncratic so meant to keep intellectuals. Lois Cook didn’t keep numerous intellectuals when she was introduced into the size for the defective epoch of space, so she couldn’t be classified as an idiosyncraticist beneath the purposels of objectivism and idiosyncraticism. Ayn Rand intentionally placed Lois Cook in The Fountainhead in ordain for the readers to see a dissimilitude of characteristics betwixt Individualism and Lois Cook. We can determine from this that Lois Cook was narrowly an stance of how Individualism is misinterpreted by the minds of mass who keepn’t veritably reasoning encircling the purposels of idiosyncraticism or beliefs of objectivism. In blank, Howard Roark is in-truth an idiosyncraticist, suitableness Lois Cook is not an idiosyncraticist. Howard Roark appearances the qualities and characteristics that Ayn Rand defines as an idiosyncraticist. Suitableness Lois Cook appearances some characteristics of entity an idiosyncraticist, her nihilistic and imintellectual purposels appearance that she cannot be an idiosyncraticist and get never be succeeding a conjuncture her purposels if she lives to not sanction basis that there are some gregarious norms that are needed for man’s planting and idiosyncraticism.