“tarnita’s termites, pacific lampreys, and large brains”

"Tarnita's Termites, Pacific Lampreys, and Ample Brains"

For your earliest shaft, content suit to one of the aftercited three subject-matters after a while a shaft of at smallest 125 suffrage that orationes each summit fond in the instructions. Also, content replication to at smallest one match ward on any subject-matter.

Topic 1 [video]: Population Arrangement of Termites in a Savanna. Watch the video (1) describing Corina Tarnita's learning on the spacing of termite mounds in savanna ecosystems, and then oration the aftercited:

  • (a) What were Tarnita's findings environing the spacing of termite mounds?
  • (b) What does Tarnita conceive is the ocean factor that governs the spatial arrangement of the termite mounds?
  • (c) How do the termite mounds advantage other organisms on the savanna? 

Topic 2 [video]:  Pacific Lampreys. Watch the video environing Pacific Lampreys (2)*, then oration the aftercited:

  • (a) Where do Pacific lampreys drop in the taxonomy of vertebrates? 
  • (b) What challenges do Pacific lamprey populations visage?
  • (c) Why are Native American tribes of the Northwest unquiet environing them? (Please note: receive regard not to disorganize the Pacific lamprey (illustrative in the video) after a while the Sea Lamprey, which is a thoroughly incongruous symbol that is considered an invasive symbol in the Great Lakes).

Topic 3 [article]: Supporting the Breath Needs of a Ample Brain. As discussed in the season by Zimmer (3)*, brain edifice is energetically dear. For a symbol to encircleate a ample brain, it may need to frame convinced adjustments to determine that abundance breath is profitable to food brain power. Zimmer discusses diversified hypotheses environing such adjustments in the anthropological continuity of descent. Explain one of these adjustments. 

References (in Strayer Writing Standards format).

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