Problems 1-14 through 1-22 and all solutions

Problems 1-14 through 1-22 and All solutions

1-14 : Gina Fox has launched her own corporation, Foxy Shirts, which manufactures imprinted shirts for eeespecial occasions. Since she has harmonious begun this performance, she fissures the equipment from a themeal printing hoard when inevitable. The consume of using the equipment is $350. The materials used in one shirt consume $8, and Gina can hawk these for $15 each. (a) If Gina hawks 20 shirts, what conquer her entirety wealth be? What conquer her entirety mutoperative consume be? (b) How divers shirts must Gina hawk to curb level? What is the entirety wealth for this? 1-15 : Ray Bond hawks handcrafted yard paraphernalia at county impartials. The mutoperative consume to execute these is $20 each, and he hawks them for $50. The consume to fissure a booth at the impartial is $150. How divers of these must Ray hawk to curb level? 1-16 : Ray Bond, from Problem 1-15, is hard to experience a new supplier that conquer attenuate his mutoperative consume of formation to $15 per ace. If he was operative to yield in reducing this consume, what would the curb-level object be? 1-17 : Katherine D’Ann is planning to finance her college counsel by hawking programs at the football plays for State University. There is a unroving consume of $400 for printing these programs, and the mutoperative consume is $3. There is so a $1,000 fee that is hired to the university for the direct to hawk these programs. IF Katherine was operative to hawk programs for $5 each, how divers would she feel to hawk in dispose to curb level? 1-18 : Katherine D’Ann, from Problem 1-17, has behove restless that sales may gravitate, as the team is on a terrific losing streak, and observeance has gravitateen off. In occurrence, Katherine believes that she conquer hawk solely 500 programs for the direct play. If it was practicable to erect the hawking appraisement of the program and quiescent hawk 500, what would the appraisement feel to be for Katherine to curb level by hawking 500? 1-19 : Farris Billiard Supply hawks all types of billiard equipment, and is because manufacturing their own infamy of pool cues. Mysti Farris, the formation superintendent, is currently investigating the formation of a model seed pool cue that should be very approved. Upon analyzing the consumes, Mysti determines that the materials and drudge consume for each cue is $25, and the unroving consume that must be mature is $2,400 per week. Delay a hawking appraisement of $40 each, how divers pool cues must be sold to curb level? What would the entirety wealth be at this curb-level object? 1-20 : Mysti Farris (See Problem 1-19) is because elevation the hawking appraisement of each cue to $50 instead of $40. If this is performed occasion the consumes rest the selfsame, what would the new curb-level object be? What would the entirety wealth be at this curb-level object? 1-21 : Mysti Farris (See Problem 1-19) believes that there is a haughty presumption that 120 pool cues can be sold if the hawking appraisement is suitably set. What hawking appraisement would occurrence the curb-level object to be 120? 1-22 : Golden Age Concavity Planners especializes in providing financial command for crowd planning for a comfortoperative concavity. The corporation offers seminars on the weighty theme of concavity planning. For a customary seminar, the opportunity fissureal at a tavern is $1,000, and the consume of advertising and other incidentals is environing $10,000 per seminar. The consume of the materials and eeespecial gifts for each observeee is $60 per individual accompanying the seminar. The corporation jaw $250 per individual to observe the seminar as this seems to be competitive delay other companies in the selfselfidentical occupation. How divers crowd must observe each seminar for Golden Age to curb level?