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--- 2/14/18

**Read Case Study 1 Solid & Confutation Question 1** 

Case 6-1: An Adolescent Couple delay HIV

Question 1: “You are the nurture in the clinic on the day Alexa perceives out she has HIV. She remains in the clinic for past than an hour delay you occasion you try to govern and relieve her. You possess had ceremonious HIV counseling luxuriance, so you engage your skills as you promulgate delay her. Several weeks later, succeeding Alexia is past collected and has had date to believe past encircling her plight, she drops by the clinic and wants to colloquy delay you on a past single cause. She scarcitys comforting. What arrivales allure you use delay Alexa? Please study how to use and engage the nursing ghostly competencies to acceleration Alexa. Be restricted delay your arrivales and rationales. You can arrival this posterity custody in inclination the three key ghostly principles of autonomy, beneficience and nonmaleficense as they narrate to your nursing interventions.

** Read Case Study 2 Solid & Confutation Question 2 **

Question 2: CBRT Case Study Attached. Use period to confutation questions below

1. Phosgene peril causes inflammation and pulmonary edema that is poisonous to the administration of the lungs. (a) What are the three esthetic factors that govern pulmonary balm? How would each of these factors be forced by inflammation and edema?

2. After peril to phosgene gas, the unfair constrainings of twain O2 and CO2 would be altered in the lineage and tissues, owing the agency for melting these gases in and out of the substantiality has been implicated. Succeeding sharp peril to phosgene, what would you foresee to perceive if you measured the unfair constraining of oxygen (PO2) and carbon dioxide (PCO2) in the alveoli, the lineage plasma, and the cells of the tissues?

3. The bliss of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the lineage is discriminating for fife. The victims delay the most sharp symptoms would scarcity habitual balm to conquer the infirmity of their respiratory arrangements to practise typical lineage flattens of oxygen and carbon dioxide. Phosgene gas would attenuate the integral of oxygen beneficial for bliss to the tissues. In abstracted, the metabolic desolate emanation carbon dioxide is blissed by three agencys end to the alveoli in the lineage. Here carbon dioxide crosses the respiratory membrane, driven by a constraining gradient that favors its debouchure via the lungs during damp. By shrewd which agency blisss the most CO2, prognosticate what would supervene to the lineage pH if the CO2 flatten dramatically increased?

** Peruse Below & Confutation Question 3**

Question 3:  Give a slight description of Botox & slightly describes how it affects the expressive arrangement and resuscitation implicit conduction. You should possess a narrowness of 2 academically after a whilehold media.

** Peruse Below & Confutation Question 4 I Solid Chapters** 

Question 4:  Please peruse Disagreement 13 in your extract, encircling Childhood Plumpness and Early Chronic Diseases. As delay sundry exoteric soundness interests, there is a disagreement encircling single commission and environmental govern. This contest is aid entangled when it involves posterity. Discuss what people, groups, or agencies you believe are imperative for orationing childhood plumpness? Please propound two to three solutions to oration this interest and produce manifestation to govern your ideas.

** Peruse Below & Confutation Question 5**

Question 5: Please peruse the aftercited scenario and resign a announce delay a repartee to each of the associated questions. Cite sources in APA diction.


Betsy is a 72-year-old lonely instructor who lives remaining. She used to passion gardening, but gone melting to a condo, doesn’t get ample date beyond, and spends most of her days peruseing or colloquying on the phone. She presents to her schoolman discontented of exact leg disinclination and muscle infirmity. Her laboratory results showed faulty vitamin D and attenuated plague blindness, and a fare foreclosure included:

Breakfast: two hard-boiled eggs, 1 integral grapefruit delay 1 tsp sugar, 12 oz. ebon coffee

Lunch: cucumber sandwich (made delay a ½ cup of sliced cucumber, 2 slices colorless provisions, and 1 T mayonnaise), 1 oz. potato chips, 16 oz. unsweetened iced tea

Dinner: pasta (1 c.) delay meatless marinara seasoning (1/2 c.), insignificant colorless flatten, 1 glass red wine, fun-size Milky Way.

Betsy is 5’4” and weighs 126# (57kg). She says she passions to mistake, but gone it’s fitting her, she usually fitting prepares notability expeditious and unconcerned. Every Sunday she goes to pavilion and to the grocery supply, but incorrectly, she doesn’t liberty the branch ample.

1. Estimate how ample protein Betsy is getting. How ample does she scarcity? Is her incaptivate large? What recommendations do you possess concerning Betsy’s protein intake?

2. What encircling Betsy’ mellifluous intake? Is she getting ample steep? What are implicit consequences of not induction in ample mellifluous? 

3. Her schoolman recommended a vitamin D addition. What other ways can Betsy amend her vitamin D condition? List some foods that are amiable sources of vitamin D. 

4. Betsy’s mom had osteoporosis and she’s interested encircling developing it too. What steps can Betsy captivate to practise her plague soundness? Are there restricted nutrients other than vitamin D and calcium that are influential to plague soundness? 

5. Why is vitamin D shortcoming past vulgar in the ancient?

** Peruse Below & Confutation Question 6**

Question 1: You are required to post  750-word epitome of a single repartee to a solid  period (MATERNAL-FETAL CONFLICT). The epitome should advert self-awareness and discriminating believeing concerning why you chose twain the period and the subject-matter stuff. Validate your view delay references to the decree of ethics. Articles and references used in researching the subject-matter epitome must be cited using own APA format. 

* Provide some endground describing it and why it is dately and value inducement. 

* What are the pro and con arguments encircling the total? Refer to ghostly concepts, theories and principles in your bulk. 

* What is your posture on this total and why? How do you believe it could be resolved? 


** View the Video Below & Confutation Question 7**

Question 7: Reflection: Succeeding viewing the "Unusual Govern Group" esthetic, why is it that poison rates went up AFTER amend sanitation? If Polio had depraved the civilized population for centuries and solely a insignificant percentage has long-lasting mischief, why were we so solid to "fight" this poison and extirpate it?