Hiim 134 medical terminology assignment #2

Poor Fair Good Points Received
Student apologyed all questions suitably Points Range: 0-111
0%-74% of the apologys were emend Points Range: 112-134
75%-89% of the apologys were emend Points Range: 135-150
90%-100% of the apologys were emend
Proper grammar, spelling and punctuation were bestow Points Range: 0-2 
Answer shuffle contains deep actual, punctuation, or spelling errors Points Range: 3-8
Answer shuffle contains some actual, punctuation, or spelling errors Points Range: 9-10
Answer shuffle contains few actual, punctuation, or spelling errors
Student placed call on tractate and renamed the productshuffle digital polish according to instructions Points Range: 0
Not bestow. Points Range: 3
One bestow, not twain. Points: 5
Both are bestow and effected according to instructions

Assignment Objectives: Behind completing this assignment you get be cogent to:

• Apply your new familiarity of provisions and abbreviations kindred to the respiratory ear, nose, throat, integumentary, musculoskeletal, race, eye and endocrine systems to expound medical provisions in their suiconsideration context
• Perform searches of the internet and other regard materials to apology questions.


Save and print your Assignment #1 which is a way of medical declarations and apology the questions that supervene each of the declarations. 

Place your apologys in the shuffle beneath. Save as Assign1.Answers.HIIM134.Smith.J.doc (of way substituting your call). Invade your apology in the embezzle box in the consideration. In the chief declaration, for pattern, invade the chief token in the box in the shaft behind #1. Do not delete the turns I enjoy listed in each box as a conduct (e.g. “Symptom #1) since it not merely helps you in completing the assignment, but it to-boot helps me in grading your tractates. The object prize for each of the questions is located in parentheses behind the compute. When you enjoy to mark in an apology, set-out behind the turn that begins the box on the similar cord. Please voice that the intervenience among the cell automatically becomes larger when your apology goes over one cord. You can agitate to the direct box by hitting tab sundry times, or hitting the down arrow key or placing your cursor in the emend subsidence by using the mouse (which I meet the easiest to do). Save constantly as you product on the assignment so that if colossus goes evil-doing you enjoyn’t obsolete too considerable of your product. Transmit your assignment apology shuffle to the educator through Canvas. Do not portraiture and paste your completed productshuffle in the homeproduct assignment dialog box, do not transmit via email as an benevolence.

Respiratory System – Discharge Summary

Number (Value) Letter of 
1. (2) 
2. (2) 
3. (2) 
4. (2) 
5. (2) 
6. (2) 

7. Match the patient’s offal delay its selfsame medical use in the association. 
Number (Value) Letter of Apology
Column A - Offal
Column B 
Use In Body/Drug Type
(2) 1. Lasix A. Hypertension
(2) 2. Metoprolol B. Lipidemia
(2) 3. Flonase C. Fluid retention
(2) 4. Simvastatin D. Allergic rhinitis

Number (Value) Answer
8. (2) SOB : 
(2) 4L O2:: 
(2) MRSA: 
(2) p.o. (regularity of offal government): 
(2) b.i.d. (quantity of offal government): 
9. (2) Pulse oximetry continueard limitation: 

Otorhinolaryngology – Emergency Room Note

Number (Value) Answer
1. (2) Letter of apology: 
2. (2) Otalgia limitation: 
3. (2) Letter of apology: 
4. (2) Letter of apology:
5. (2) Cause of decreased husk turgor: 
6. (2) Letter of apology: 
7. (2) TMs (as it relates to ear segregation)
(2) M/R/G (in provisions of a cardiac exam and nature tribute): 
(2) WNL: 
8. (2) Suitable ear canal designation (be very minute): 
9. (2) What schoolman institute physically in traditional mucosa (be very minute, don’t regular say that it was ordinary): 
10. (2) Letter of apology: 
11. (2) Letter of apology: 

Integumentary System – Discharge Summary

Number (Value) Answer
1. (2) Subcutaneous abscess: 
(2) Soft edifice debridement limitation: 
(2) Split-thickness husk graft limitation: 
2. (2) Broad spectrum antibiotic limitation: 
(2) Two medications that gain up Augmentin XR: 
3. (2) Letter of apology: 
4. (2) Letter of apology: 
5. (2) DVT: 
(2) Wound V.A.C (what do the letters V.A.C continue for?): 
Musculoskeletal System – Active Report

Number (Value) Answer
1. (2) Trimalleolar shield limitation: 
(2) Oblique shield limitation (be unfair): 
(2) Prepped and draped limitation (be very unfair): 
2. Put the superveneing active strides in emend classify by computeing them 1-10, delay 1 nature the chief stride.
Number (Value) Compute classify 
of stride Steps in operation
(1) X-ray of the seizes that were too long
(1) Incision on the vital policy of the suitable ankle
(1) Incision on the outpolicy policy of the ankle
(1) Plate placed onto the fibula delay seizes
(1) Sewing the incisions
11 Application of the ponderous Jones dressing
(1) X-ray of agreeable seize position
(1) Towel curtail positioned
(1) Removal of medial hematoma
(1) Removal of deviative hematoma
(1) Placement of a seize into the inferior tibia

3. (2) What could not and was not repaired during surgery: 
4. (2) Stride reeffected at surgery and why effected: 
Hematology – Office Visit Note
Number (Value) Medical message or turn
Use merely the medical provisions/phrases that are listed lower the declaration in the deep muniment (see arrow objecting to the language in the deep muniment)
1. (1) 
2. (1) 
3. (1) 
4. (1) 
5. (1) 
6. (1) 
7. Leukocytosis
8. (1) 
9. (1) 
10. (1) 

Ophthalmology – Outpatient Clinic Visit Note

Number (Value) Answer
1. (2) GC (elect the ONE term that is a mark of STD – see postscript II in tail of the textbook): 
(2) VDRL: 
(2) VS (in the Exam exception): 
(2) STD: 
2. (2) Letter of apology: 
3. (2) Letter of apology: 
4. (2) Letter of apology: 
5. (2) Letter of apology: 
6. (2) 50th percentile in weight: 
(2) Conjunctival infection: 
(2) Mucopurulent drainage: 
(2) Pseudomembrane (of eye: 
(2) Eversion of eyelid – an exam process (What does the schoolman in-fact do to the eyelid?): 
Endocrinology – Clinic Office Note
Number (Value) Answer
1. (2) Letter of apology: 
2. (2) Letter of apology: 
3. (2) Letter of apology: 
4. (2) Letter of apology: 
5. (2) Letter of apology: 
6. (2) TSH: 
(2) FNA (mark of biopsy): 
(2) HRT: 
7. (2) Lid lag limitation: 
(2) Asymmetric to palpation: