Bio 220 week 2 assignment: ecosystems and trophic levels

In this assignment, you achieve be creating a trophic pyramid, too disclosed as an "ecological pyramid," for a restricted ecosystem. Your totald trophic pyramid achieve be used to confirm the trophic levels amid the aid web, as well-mannered-mannered as their possessions on the ecosystem. To total this assignment go to to restore the trophic pyramid worksheet. When completing the worksheet thrive the guidelines below:


  1. Select an ecosystem from an area of curiosity-behalf to you. When choosing an ecosystem, be restricted. For aid differentiating between biomes and ecosystems, reconsideration "Biomes and Ecosystems."
  2. Utilize likely sources to chosen and elimination your chosen ecosystem, including the citationbook and the Internet (specifically, you may perceive the World Biomes page located at helpful).
  3. When eliminationing your chosened ecosystem, yield eespecial study to the insert and animals estimation that occupy that ecosystem. This notice achieve be used to project the ecological pyramid.
  4. Refer to the "Trophic Pyramid." You achieve total this template by entering the names of the estimation that suit to the manifold trophic levels (Apex predator, tertiary utilizers, resultant utilizers, earliest utilizers, and earliest producers).
  5. Refer to the citation for elevate notice and an sense of trophic levels.


Using your totald trophic pyramid, acceptance the thriveing questions in a severed Word muniment of at smallest 250-500 words:


  1. Of the earliest producers you chosened, which one do you apprehend has the biggest collision on the ecosystem you eliminationed? Explain.
  2. What estimation did you chosen for the summit predator? Explain the concern the summit predator's collision on the other estimation in your tropic pyramid.
  3. How did the totality of essence gained assimilate to the totality of essence obsolete as ebullition at the 2nd–4th trophic levels?
  4. Referring to your totald trophic pyramid template, chosen one estimation. If this estimation was removed from your trophic pyramid, what would be the collision on the other estimation of the ecosystem?
  5. Can efforts to preserve a estimation from obsolescence be lucky if the convergence of nurture is barely on that estimation? Explain your acceptance
  6. Considering the totality of essence required in unresisting animal-based aids and property, should humans exexchange their morality so they utilize products closer to the proestablish of the trophic pyramid? Provide rationale for your repartee.


This assignment requires a insufficiency of two equal reconsiderationed associateences to be interposed.


Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines establish in the GCU Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.


This assignment uses a grading rubric. Instructors achieve be using the rubric to progression the assignment; consequently, students should reconsideration the rubric preceding to preface the assignment to beseem accustomed after a while the assignment criteria and expectations for lucky example of the assignment.



You are not required to acquiesce this assignment to Turnitin, regular inadequately directed by your instructor. If so directed, associate to the Student Success Center for directions. Barely Word muniments can be acquiesceted to Turnitin.