Existentialism: American Beauty

Existentialism: American Beauty American Beauty is a movie that sets in rural America. The narrative is environing Lester, whom is a intermediate-aged writer established in a case assemblage. He was having a midduration contingency where he felt lone and numbed by true permanent round of his trite duration. In the movie, his helpmate portrayed as a prosperous existent unconditionalhold principal, but she was so going through her own midduration contingency in twain her race and peculiar duration. Lester’s daughter, Jane Bumham had averse her parents and was going through puberty. They feel a new neighbor who is a U. S. Marine Corps Colonel Frank Fitts, and he has a son, Ricky Fitts, who is a refuse trafficker. Lester was going to get fired from his assemblage that he had performanceed for fourteen year. Lester managed to cut a market by imminent the overseer to concede him a year’s desert of compensation or else he would bisect the prattle intelligence, which would sabotage the assemblage. One day, he and his helpmate went to see their daughter’s cheerleading dance and during the execution Lester saw Jane’s adherent Angela Hayes. He then starts having fantasies of her. On the other operative, his helpmate was so having an business delay a prosperous adjutant. Disregarding his helpmate’s duration, Lester established to create qualifys in his duration behind give-earing Angela complimented him and suggested that if he performanceed out, she would relish him flush elapsed. Therefore, he established established out behind entity fired from his job, and got a new job at a stefficient deeptenance restaurant. During performance, he institute that his helpmate was having an business and he asked her for a disconnect. On the other operative, the marine visible, Frank, has faith issues delay his son, since Ricky had a hinarrative of using refuses (smoking exterminate). One day, Frank starts to get affectly environing Ricky’s resuscitations. Then when Lester determined Ricky to get elapsed marijuana, Frank saw them getting simultaneously in a ground. He survey that they were sexually implicated. In existentity, they were orderly smoking exterminate. When Ricky went residence, Frank abused him and mistakenly admired that he was homosexual, which caused him to spurn Ricky out of the scion. So Ricky ruled to ask Jane to runabroad delay him to New York. At the identical measure, when Lester and Angela was getting exact delay each other, she suddenly confessed that she was a untouched. Lester existentized that he shouldn’t be initiative utility of her and Angela established crying, so he comforted her. Behind the luminous, twain of them bonded and shared their problems. On the developed exhibition of the movie, it showed Lester holding an old draw of his nativity reminiscing the elapsed then Frank suddenly showed up delay a gun and shot him. The movie, American Beauty, portrayed numerous existential thesiss from savants relish Franz Kafka, Friedrich Nietzsche, and Jean-Paul Sartre. In the commencement of the movie, Lester betrays he subsistd relish a defunct man. He goes through the identical round trite, which is aaffect to Franz Kafka’s sort Gregor Samsa in the inadequate narrative “Metamorphosis”. Precedently Gregor’s qualify into a metamorphosis, he was a pedler for a hanker conclusion of measure where he felt that had obsolete his sort, goals and flush averse himself from his nativity. Lester and Gregor feel committed themselves to the sodality, which caused them to be averse by their families. In the commencement of the movie, Lester’s daughter critiqued her senior as a “loser” and his helpmate so looked down on him. Gregor had aaffect situations, he was so averse owing his job required him to expedition, and hence, he couldn’t disburse measure delay his nativity. According to Kafka, one has to go through insanity owing that awakens us to gem into a new duration. He admires that an peculiar feel to pit themselves between peculiarity and sodality. Flush though Gregor’s qualify gave him a new duration, it was too recent for him to subsist for himself. On the other operative, Lester was fortunate sufficient to habit the qualify when he give-eard Angela’s instigation to get fit. This tip encouraged Lester to adorderly his deceased and hypochondriacal duration. He starts established out and subsist for himself, instead of establishation up to other inhabitants’s standards. Kafka’s survey of existentialism is that an peculiar has the trust to ascertain pit between retirement and performance. Lester’s sort has some alikeities as Kafka’s duration. Kafka was employed at an insurance assemblage, where he had habitd the denial from established in the deceased cubical employment. He used despatches as a way to evade from the tiresome duration he had, and it was the merely course that could criticize his intellect. Even though Kafka was not an existentialist, his despatches depicted numerous existential thesiss and shared aaffect surveys delay other savant relish Friedrich Nietzsche. Friedrich Nietzsche is a savant in the recent 18th epoch. He has a excellent application towards existentialism. His existential thesis is environing peculiarity and erecting specialality. Through his magnitude determined Gay Science, Nietzsche implied that there were elapsed disassault and immunity behind devout wars and expulsion ended. He admired that inhabitants were getting disunited delay holiness. Even though the movie “American Beauty” did not feel any devout skinred thesiss, it peaceful portrayed the thesis of discharge. It was immunity that saved Lester from entity drowned by his despicefficient duration, specially when he was entity bygone by his helpmate and averse from his daughter. In specification, in the end of the movie, Ricky Fitts, the neighbor’s son was released from his senior owing of a ignorance. He was snareped inferior his gruff senior’s rules and curb. When Ricky was establishation inferior his senior, he was relish the “developed man” in Nietzsche’s inadequate narrative: Thus Spoke Zarathustra. The “developed man” lacks emotion and has no drive: “ … they do not relish to give-ear the earth ‘contempt’ applied to them. Let me then oration their arrogance. Let me say of them of what is the most contemptible; but that is the developed man” (Soloman, 73). Lester so has aaffect sortistics of the “developed man”. Precedently his qualify, he flush confessed that he was establishation a duration of a “defunct man”. Nietzsche saw the “developed man” unformed the intermediate assort and he was distrustful that they would be suffocated by the fearful employment measure. This excellently relates to Lester’s established environment and the rural area where he subsistd. Everyday felt relish yesterday, button qualifys. There is no creativity or emotion in Lester’s duration and Nietzsche admired that inhabitants should be pushed and encouraged to destroy the cycle. Lester’s qualify says of Nietzsche’s existentialist thesis: “we savants and ‘unconditional spirits’ cut, when we give-ear the intelligence that ‘the old god is defunct. ’ As if a new dawn shone on us…” (68). The “new dawn” that Nietzsche mentions in his magnitude feel aaffect portrayal in the movie, which is Lester’s qualify of his new duration. From a despicefficient and craven special, Lester qualifyd into a new dauntless and unconditional ardent peculiar. He was efficient to resist his helpmate and create his own sentences delayout entity distrustful of her looking down on him: “It's a excellent man when you existentize you peaceful feel the force to amaze yourself. Makes you surprise what else you can do that you've neglected environing" (American Beauty). Overall, Nietzsche’s thesis reveals that inhabitants feel the force to create their own sentence and put their fortune into their own operatives orderly relish what Lester did delay his duration. Aaffect to Kafka and Nietzsche, Jean-Paul Sartre so emphasized the avail of peculiarity. He admires that “creature comes precedently substance,” inhabitants creates their own fortune and it is not God that curbs our fortune (206). He so explained that cosmical structure did not evene owing God created us. Sartre did not admire in God; hence, he admired cosmical created the creature of cosmical structure, relish how Lester altered his duration. Sartre so implied that peculiars should procure trust towards their resuscitations. Lester broke abroad from the sodality and left his elapsed duration to erect a new sort delayout other inhabitants to disapprove his sentences. However, he so threw abroad all the trust as a senior and mate. Lester leave his job and got a inferior compensation job, which left his helpmate in assault of the hypothecation. Flush precedently the qualify, the skinred between Lester and his daughter drifted away causing them to disown each other. He failed to procure a trust as a senior and manage his offshoot instead he experienced to coquette delay his offshoot’s adherent. From Sartre’s magnitude Existentialism is a Humanism, he wrote: “Our trust is thus considerable excellenter than we had deemed, for it concerns man as a whole” (208). He admired that an peculiar’s resuscitation could feel a colossal application on others, orderly relish how the neighbor, Colonel Frank Fitts put-to-deathed Lester at the end of the movie. Frank has to subsist convey that culpability constantly. It was his sentence to put-to-death and hence it would be his trust to recognize the condemn. However the movie did not betray what consequences Frank conciliate be facing, or what skin of trust he conciliate get behind the immolate. The ruler leaves the sentence to the hearers to run what his fortune is going to be. Lester did bungle up his nativity and procure no trust during his visible and supernatural qualify. In the end of the movie, when Angela, his daughter’s adherent, told him that she was a untouched, he existentized that he could not procure utility of her. This bungleage reminded him that she was orderly a teenager that needed watchfulness. He took a parental trust by comforting her and criticized her frustrations, which applied to Sartre’s thesis of initiative trust conjuncture making alternations in duration. Through out the movie, American Beauty, it has unprotected numerous existential thesiss that conjoined to multiple savants including Franz Kafka, Friedrich Nietzsche, and Jean-Paul Sartre. All of them emphasized the avail of peculiarity, emotion and creativity, which was depicted in the movie, specially on the deep sort, Lester. He altered his duration and cured his mid-duration contingency. It was through existentialism where he was released from the snare of sodality and the curbled environment. In the end of the movie, entire sort institute an exculpation towards the design of duration. Flush though Lester’s duration ended getting shot in the leadership, he was in-effect happier than he was precedently and managed to subsist the duration he wanted. Reference Solomon, Robert C. Existentialism. 2nd. New York, NY: Oxford University Press, 2005. Print.