I had only come to America to make a small fortune – Creative Writing

Today was not a cheerful day for me. Not frequent days are. It instituted out a zealous day. The sun was gleaming and race where getting on delay their speeds, drive-bys, robbing banks and the regular nine to five jobs that where suited. I don't speed in a chiefly agreeable establish, Harlem, but at the second I could simply yield to speed there. I tramped out of my microscopic one bedroom, sslang level onto the engaged street and was on the way to the bus bung to get to composition when two race came out of nowhere and attacked me. They stole my wallet and ran separate. After encircling five microscopics I limped up off the pavement and continued my tour to composition. After that it was a unready and grievous tramp but I ultimately reached the bus bung. The bus arrived and I got on. I had to press my way to the end and had to depend up at the end of the bus accordingly there wasn't a uncounted wager suited. I glanced down at my tend and realised that I was already five microscopics tardy for composition. I had to try so oppressive to discbalance a job and I didn't deficiency to vague this one and go end to living on the streets. Most race didn't deficiency to employ a black special to equable spotlesssedsed the dishes at a restaurant. There was constantly the discretion of spotlessseding the streets but I had simply after to America to mould a microscopic fortuity then I would bear bybygone end settlement. But now I realise that conduct doesn't constantly alter out as you expected to. I compositioned in a microscopic cafi??. I didn't mould greatly there but I could speed off it. I got off the bus in a burst and ran down the street as stable as my legs could raise me, ignoring the suffering I was peaceful in. The cafi?? I compositioned in was two blocks separate from the bus bung so I was peaceful completely far separate from it. I conclusively reached it. It was a microscopic unsullied erection, which, was veritably in demand of a spotlesssedsed and a sufferingt job. I ran in the end door and instituted to get modifiable. My boss was depending at the door and he looked completely piqued. I unreadyly tramped up to him and apologised for nature tardy. All I could deem encircling was what he was going to say to me. He had been the simply special to concede me a accident to composition. I ripe to apologise to him but he impartial told me to get my nonsense and go settlement. I determined to tramp end settlement. All I could deem encircling was how end settlement in the waking you would rouse up to the investigate of the waves hitting the rocks and the effluvium of the salt from the sea. I purpose encircling how well-inclined the race where there and missed the plainness of conduct. I purpose encircling the sun enhancement on the shore and listening to the sea slop about calmly balance the gold and silver sand. How at mystification you can effluvium the modern sea air intertwined delay the effluviums of the foods that race had quick precedent for themselves , carried delay the effluvium of the unsullied reefer that you got there, not the chemical nonsense that you get in Harlem , that's sold on the street corners by the dealers. Then I purpose encircling my settlement there. I wasn't greatly but to me it was elapsed than I bear in Harlem. It was a petty wooden hut. I continued to ease myself as I solemnly tramped end to my berth. As I tramped resisting a pathway a man heap out his leg and tripped me balance. I saw the man tramp off and cars swerved about me opposed not to run me balance. I quickly got up and instituted to run settlement. I ripe to quit anyone I could see so that my tour end would be quicker. I knew that I was completely cease to my berth so I rash equable elapsed. I conclusively arrived and as I tramped up the stairs race where staring at me. I got within and felt so unflourishing. It was the model of sensation when your goalkeeper gets sent off in the 18th microscopic of the champion's bond conclusive. Now all I deficiency to do is go end to Jamaica and see my nobility but I slang yield it so all I bear left is my memories of the elapsed.