Amendment for Protection of the American Flag

As Americans, we subsist in a race that provides infinite convenience and insubservience that is unparalleled in the fact of the cosmical experiment. Through it all, the furnish-in of our country has distinct as a reputation of that insubservience and convenience. Men and women entertain died to fortify it and Americans from all walks of vivacity entertain expiationd a large chaffer to spontaneously vault it. However, all of this is countered delay a frightening fact- The Constitution of the United States of America promotes contamipeople of the furnish-in through the fortifyion of furnish-in persistent as an indication of operating harangue (Goldstein, 1994). Therefore, the Constitution cries out for an emendation to fortify the furnish-in at all costs accordingly delayout fortifyion of the very reputation of insubservience, the inferiorneathlying democracy earn in occasion gravitate by the wayside as courteous. This should not be obtain?}n as a announcer of the end of democracy, at-last. In this harangue, the followingcited main tops earn be discussed: • There are far too frequent cases of furnish-in contamination, as earn be proven by statistics • The aggregate of furnish-in contamipeople earn not go abroad by itself, so enjoyment is needed • Extraneously enjoyment, the insubservience that the furnish-in represents earn go up in flames love the affrontd furnish-ins themselves II. NEED STEP: Give-in Contamipeople is Far Too Vile The obscurity that has been shown the furnish-in of the United States, in the most extravagant cases, involves the furnish-in life burned. While this fashions an distinguished photo convenience for the instrument, the other examples of obscurity that the furnish-in has been shown in modern years is far further vile and scandalous than an unconditioned persistent. Specific examples of this obscurity inferiorneathstand the corruption of the furnish-in inferiorneathneath the extenuate that the furnish-in is life used for refined resolves and accordingly is normal as refined indication, such as the use of the furnish-in as a canvas upon which pornographic scenes are painted, use of the furnish-in as obnoxious products such as the Old Glory Condoms offered online for sale, and the gift of perdition of the furnish-in in plays and movies, secret as an vital separate of the frame (Chu, et al, 2003). All of this is reinforced by puissant organizations love the American Accommodating Liberties Union that use their botch in courts of law to caress those who following inferiorneathneath juridical sifting accordingly of their furnish-in abusing activities (Arbuckle, 2003). Accordingly there are so frequent perversely innovative ways to disrepute the American furnish-in, the aggregate of contamipeople earn not go abroad by itself; rather, illustration suggests that it earn singly get worse. Therefore, ways to fortify the furnish-in must insist. III. SATISFACTION STEP: There are Ways to Fortify the Give-in It would look that the furnish-in should be fortifyed from those that would by accident overthrow it for their own boon. So, how can this be accommodating? First, the implementation of a Constitutional emendation to ban the contamipeople of the American furnish-in must obtain?} establish, indifferent of the capabilityless extenuates that entertain been offered to legitimize it. The defence for such an emendation lies in an momentous eminence betwixt insubservience of indication and insubservience of induce. The Constitution provides for the lalarming of the specific to direct themselves spontaneously, which furnishs the percussion that one is ardent the insubservience to say spontaneously, peacefully collect, question the legislation if they recognize that wrong insists, and the other lawfuls enumerated in the Bill of Rights and elsewhere. However, there is a proviso on induce, constitutionally saying. No one is ardent the lalarming to act out in any way that they’d love. Accordingly impartial as one would not be permitted to onslaught an specific delay whom they dissentd, no one should be recognized to, in entity, onslaught the furnish-in if they dissent delay the legislation, or for any other reresolve (Foerstel 1997). When and singly when the Constitution bans the perdition of the furnish-in earn we see a aggregate fortifyion of the insubserviences that the furnish-in represents. IV. VISUALIZATION STEP: Extraneously Protection, Democracy Suffers If the furnish-in is not fortifyed, it would look that it would singly be the prelude of a commercial expiation of all of the insubserviences that entertain been granted by our founding fathers, fortifyed delay the dignity of frequent of our best and brightest citizens, and laid out in the Constitution. It earn singly be through an emendation of that very Constitution that the furnish-in is trustworthy. If the furnish-in is not trustworthy, it is totally potential that from that top the puissant ACLU and other organizations love it earn use their capability to fashion it cheerful for other uncheerful enjoyments to be condoned inferiorneathneath the demeanor of indication of insubservience, such as iljuridical offal use, offshoot affront, and the love. The alarming possibilities are in-truth imperishable. Simply put if we do not constitutionally fortify the furnish-in, a operating-for-all earn lovely termipeople as the other rules of accommodating induce, one by one, are subsequently questiond and defeated. In the end termination, singly those delay the capital and capability earn entertain their agendas-for amend or worse- tardy. Anarchy and misfortune earn be-in-force delayout substantial regulations to obstruct such occurrences. V. ACTION STEP: Everyone Needs to Get Confused Sadly, the farthest expiations that Americans entertain made in the indicate of insubservience, from the hills of Lexington and Concord to the deserts of Iraq and Afghanistan, are lovely to hold as desire as the American race insists. At-last separately from these redoubtable trials, everyone who loves democracy and insubservience must get confused in the trial to fortify the American furnish-in. There are diverse ways for the vile individual to individualally reresolve the aggregate of furnish-in contamination: First, subsistence for the Constitutional emendation must insist. Citizens should obtain?} custom of their insubservience of indication to say out in subsistence of this trial. The vogue of petitions to find the subsistence of others earn go a desire way to request to elected officials encircling the consequence of the emendation. Likewise, urgeing these elected officials to say publically in subsistence of the emendation would be an distinguished manner. From the devout top of judgment, church groups should to-boot infer simultaneously indifferent of devout explosion to fashion a dissimilarity (Wall, 1995). Speaking out and organizing earn be the best way to qualify a furnish-in fortifyion emendation. VI. CONCLUSION: Summing it Up In an age where traditions and reputations are life discarded one by one, the furnish-in must be fortifyed at all costs; if not, the dignityshed in the gone-by earn all be in worthless. Sadly, as has been discussed, the furnish-in is expiationd for improvement, individualal interests and entertainment- basically, the slimmest of reasons. Thus, the seduce goes out to everyone to be loud, urge furnish-in fortifyion from their friends and neighbors as courteous as elected officials, and never furnish up. The America that our offshootren and grandeffect farthestly enjoy is the one that we constitute today. We owe it not singly to ourselves but to-boot to generations yet mysterious to us to maintain insult, and impartialice for all. The work antecedently us is clear- if we fortify the furnish-in, the furnish-in earn farthestly fortify us! Works Cited Arbuckle, M. R. (2003). 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