How japan or Korea borrowed from China

Assignment question
Discuss how Japan or Korea borrowed from China.
• Choose either Japan or Korea, and compare it with China.
• Consider the conditions in China (i.e. what was being borrowed).
• Consider how the borrowing occurred. Who, or what category of people were
responsible for the borrowing? How did it occur?
• Consider the nature of the borrowed product: How much was borrowed? What
was kept and what was discarded? How were these borrowings modified by local
conditions (political and social realities)?
• Give at least four examples or types of borrowing. In this set of readings, there
are two Ebrey chapters that deal with Japan and another two that focuses on Korea. Your four examples must span the two chapters that deal with your chosen country.
• Describe the social implications of these borrowed institutions, e.g. on social mobility, family structures, political culture and so on.
Note: Do not give me a summary of the chapters.
Format: MS Word (not PDF), double spacing, 12-point font
Include your name in the paper
Include a title for your essay
Your essay should have a thesis, which is the organizing argument for your paper.
Citations: You must provide citations and a bibliography in your paper, using the Chicago style (either the “Notes and Bibliography” or the “Author-Date” format. For Chicago citation formats, see:
Sources: Your paper should refer to a minimum of five sources.
he Ebrey textbook counts as one source, even if you refer to it multiple times to cite different chapters. The other four sources should be from the primary documents assigned in class. These can be different chapters from one collection, e.g. the different “chapters” from Chinese Civilization: A Sourcebook.
The more sources you cite, the higher the chance of getting a good grade. So, don’t stop at the minimum.
Do not use online sources. The purpose of the paper is to ascertain whether you have engaged with and understood the material in class over the period of the semester. It is not to measure your ability to Google information and cut-and-paste from the WWW.

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