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Breakthrough Technologies: Business Story.
CareLead Medical: Business Story.

Kensington Auto Parts: Business Story

Select a business story. Within the story, choose from the linked and labeled pairs of problems and gaps in practice related to the assignment topics. A problem is something that is adversely affecting the business and must be addressed, and its related gap in practice is what is causing the problem.Research current practitioner (business) literature to find two or more articles supporting the pairing of the gap in practice with the problem.Write a 4–5 page analysis in which you:

State the specific business problem and the gap in practice that is causing your identified problem.

Explain why the gap in practice you identified properly aligns with the selected specific problem. Why is this the right gap instead of another? 

If your research leads you to a different conclusion about the gap than the one paired with your problem in the business story, you may provide the rationale for a gap other than the one identified.

Discuss how examples of current practitioner literature (at least two articles) provide evidence that your chosen gap in practice is the source of the problem. Then add these sources to your Capstone Literature Matrix [XLSX], fully completing the matrix categories.
Based on the topic of your problem and gap, identify a project of interest addressing a need (versus a want) that you might observe in your workplace. 

Describe why removing your personal biases in the topic and project discovery process is important to determining that there is a need versus a want.

Reflect on your experience with this assignment and share what you learned.
Submit your written work and literature matrix in the assignment area.Additional Requirements
As you complete your assignment, be sure your submission meets the following guidelines:
Capstone Literature Matrix: Submit the literature matrix with your selected articles entered.

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