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Writing Question
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read through the final essay assignment by clicking on the link below
think over what you would like to write about for your final essay

submit a paragraph with your ideas.

In order to demonstrate your learning over this semester, for this course, in lieu of a final exam you
will write a final essay. It is due by Monday, December 5th at 11:59pm and is worth 25% of your grade.
For this final essay for the course, you will pick one of our primary themes:
• the othering of Asian Americans through religion.
• negotiating inclusion: the role of religion in adaptation to American life.
• negotiating difference: the role of religion in cultural preservation of ethnic identity.
• the place of religion in creating new ethnic self-understandings (transnational, nationalistic,
and diasporic).
• the racialization of Asian Americans through religious practice and symbols.
After selecting one of these themes, you will write an essay of 3-5 pages in length that draws from
our course materials and at least one other pre-approved source. You may focus on a single
phenomenon and give examples from multiple communities, discuss a specific Asian American
group or locale, or you may pick two groups and do a cross-comparison. That said, please be very
careful to situate what you are saying in terms of place and historical context. The Chinatowns of the
early 1900s, for example, were quite different than New York’s Chinatown of today.
• Length: 3-5 pages in length (not including bibliography)
• Sources: all sources from our course are permitted; beyond our course material, you must
use at least one other source. You will need prior approval for this one and any other outside
• Formatting: Double-spaced
• 12 point TIMES NEW ROMAN font
• 1 inch margins
• Header: at the top left with (single-spaced):
Your name
AS 251: Gender in Asian Cultures
• Title: centered at the top. Please do not leave large white space before or after title.
• Number your pages.
• Footnotes: all references should be properly footnoted (no endnotes please) at the bottom
of each page. Please make the footnotes 10 point font and single spaced. Please use Chicago
style. This means you will not include parenthetical citations in the body of the text.
• Bibliography: The bibliography is separate and goes at the end. It is not included in the 3-5
page limit.
• Indent large quotes: When you cite more than 3 sentences from the text: use single space,
indent on both sides, leave off the quote marks, and put the footnote mark at the end of the
indented direct quote.

A more detailed study of how Japanese American Buddhists were viewed as “suspect” and
“dangerous” after Pearl Harbor (American Sutra)
A study of Asian American Buddhists reclaiming Buddhism and the cooptation of Buddhism
by White American Budhists (Be the Refuge)
Temple/Church building: A comparison of two Asian American communities on the
struggles of establishing sacred space in the US
Issues for second generation Asian Americans, a comparison
Transnational faith communities and ties to the homeland (Sharon Suh article)
The Othering of Asian American Muslims
Filipino religious communities and community solidarity
The ethnic roles of Churches in the US, a comparison of Vietnamese-American and Korean
American communities
Second generation issues (Kurien article, “Birth or Rebirth” and others)
Hindu Americans and Nationalism
Sikh Americans and the Racialization of religion (Articles by Singh and Mann)
Study of Vijay Prashad’s The Karma of Brown Folk
Ethnic solidarity and religious pilgrimage

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