Ultural experience opportunity | English homework help

Find a cultural event and attend it during this semester; during the holiday season there will be several even in the Panhandle area. Go to a cultural event where you have no experience with this type of event or culture. This can be a religious event or another kind of ceremony or celebration. Examples would be to visit a synagogue or mosque, attend a Quinceanera, or a wedding/holiday event that represents a different culture. The main requirement is that you attend with an open mind and refrain from judgments. After the event, write a 2 page paper over the cultural event. The first half of this paper should be research based where you research the culture or event that you attended and give background on it. I should see evidence of parenthetical citations and references in this section (use appropriate resources; I do not consider Wikipedia to be a good resource, etc.) In the second half of the paper, I should see your personal reflection of what took place in the cultural event, how you watched/participated, what were your thoughts and feelings before, during, and after the event. What did you learn if anything? Do you have a new appreciation for minorities who attend your culture’s events? Include a works cited page. Minimum of 2 “good” resources. (Good means based on research and peer reviewed; not just the first listing on Google)

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Ultural experience opportunity | English homework help
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