UH Victoria Programming Loan Calculator Question


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UH Victoria Programming Loan Calculator Question
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Programming Assignment 4 (Barnes and Noble Book Club Points)
Barnes and Noble Booksellers has a book club that awards points to its customers
based on the number of books purchased each month. The points are awarded as
 If a customer purchases 0 books, he/she earns 0 points.
 If a customer purchases 1 book, he/she earns 15 points.
 If a customer purchases 2 books, he/she earns 45 points.
 If a customer purchases 3 books, he/she earns 90 points.
 If a customer purchases 4 or more books, he/she earns 180 points.
Create a VB application that lets the user enter the number of books that he/she has
purchased this month and displays the number of points awarded.
You must use the Select Case Statement in Programming Assignment 4.
Input Validation: If the user fails to enter numeric values, display an appropriate error
message in a StatusStrip and do not attempt to perform calculations. You must use
TryParse Method for input validation.
The name of the 4rd programming assignment is BNBookClubPts. Follow the same
instructions as in the previous programming assignments to submit the 4th
programming assignment. Name the folder PA4_YourName (e.g., PA4_KSingh). The
designer view should be as shown below.

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