Stress Conflict and Communication Questions


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Stress Conflict and Communication Questions
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Hey, can you please make sure all answers written in complete sentences
Managing stress
This week, we have been talking about stress, what causes it, and how to manage it. It is
important to have some strategies for handling stress because as college students (with jobs
and families and responsibilities), you will likely be facing quite a bit of it. This video will
offer you some basic methods for managing stress and “getting control.”
1. What does the narrator mean when he says stress is a type of survival mechanism?
2. Identify two methods in the video suggested to combat the effects of stress.
3. What is one strategy presented in the video to help a person “get control”?
That’s the link 2 mins video

Resolving conflict
Conflict is unavoidable. Whether at school, at work, or at home, we all face conflict when
working and interacting with other people. If not handled effectively, the conflict can really
increase stress levels and destroy relationships; however, the good news is that with the right
strategies, conflict can be resolved. In this video, then, you will learn some strategies for
effectively resolving conflict.
1. In any decision-making process, there is a potential for conflict to develop. What are the two
major reasons for this?
2. What are two results of conflict that are not handled effectively?
3. The video listed eight strategies for resolving conflict. What do you feel is the most
important strategy and why?
That’s the link 3 mins video

How miscommunication happens and how to avoid it
By now, you are probably starting to realize just how important effective communication is
at home, in the workplace, and in school. Unfortunately, if we are not careful,
miscommunication can occur, and when it does, it can cause a whole host of problems that
might negatively impact the quality of our relationships (and ultimately, cause us stress). In
this video, you will learn more about how and why miscommunication occurs and will learn
some strategies for preventing it.
1. What are some reasons that miscommunication occurs?
2. Identify one of the strategies mentioned in the video to prevent miscommunication that you
think will help you improve your own communications the most?
3. What are “personal perceptual filters”?
That’s the link 4 mins video

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