Pueblo Community College Science Fungal Pneumonia Paper


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Pueblo Community College Science Fungal Pneumonia Paper
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make a research paper about fungal pneumonia


Definition/description of your topic (~2-3 paragraphs): An overview of key elements related to the condition you have researched, such as history, epidemiology, populations/ages affected, transmission, and genetics, as applicable. Include presentation of key items you will further explain in the Content section.
Summarize your “discoveries” (~1-2 paragraphs). This section will cover knowledge new to you and that you found especially interesting.


Present normal functions of system(s) or organ(s) followed by details of weaknesses in the tissue(s)/structure(s) which make them vulnerable to injury or disease, especially to the medical condition you have chosen. Emphasize chemical and cellular changes to primary and secondary systems affected.
Include diagnostic methods and criteria (i.e., signs/symptoms, radiology, blood tests, specialized testing, as applicable)
Demonstrate understanding of effects on other organs and systems; this may include psychosocial issues.
Explain medical and other interventions that may alleviate the problem or its symptoms, including beneficial and adverse effects.
Discuss the usual degree of severity (i.e., short- and long-term limitations) and prognosis for recovery.

Reflection: Explain in 2-4 paragraphs the value of this project to you and to your understanding of the disease/injury processes, healing, and patient education. 

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