Medieval Art Image of Christ Discussion

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Medieval Art Image of Christ Discussion
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Discourse #6/Medieval Art
Below you will observe Medieval as well as Contemporary art. The contemporary sculpture
and installation The Ninth Hour by Maurizio Cattelan is shocking. Why would you think so?
Likewise, why were the Christians of the early Medieval Romanesque era stunned by the Cross
of Gero crucifix? How did this image of Christ differ from the earlier images of Christ in the
notes? In order to fully understand the shock value of the either piece you must include a discussion
of the culture during each time period. Also for the Gero image discussion of the styles of the
earlier images of Christ is helpful and required. How did this later Medieval image of Christ differ?
(One page)
(1960) La Nona Ora The Ninth Hour
(965–970 BC) Cross of Gero

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