KU Week 1 Stimulating Sensory Effects on Readers Discussion


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KU Week 1 Stimulating Sensory Effects on Readers Discussion
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Answer to a classmate’s post.
Classmate’s Post:
A. This thrill seeker is using his sense of taste and vision to venture through thru the mountains of West Virgina and Kentucky to sight see and learn of different foods and how to prepare them. Mr. Lee was addressing Ronni about the way she was preparing a dish and what she didnot put in it that he thought shr should have and asked her why not. Sh e had written several cook books that Mr. Lee admirred and often used but really didn’t pay attention to the ingredients in it. She thought he was picking at her food. He told her no. He learned to love her foods. They became good friends. Continuing on their travel they visited several other sites including other restaurants and he loved the foods. No matter where you are in the country everybody all over the United States cooks different. Ronnie was explainning to Mr. Lee about the foods the people in that region eat and that beef was not a staple in that part of the country that pork was. They then visited the mines of salt, coal, and salf factories. When the coal was discovered it changed the course of history. It was promised to be the “black diamond” and it was and it attracted people from all over the country looking for prosperity from the mountain way of life

B. In comparison, vanilla ice cream has no taste compared to strawberry or any flavor with something like nuts in it. I prefer anything over vanilla. I think it taste like bla-sa, doesn’t have a taste. It’s just plain. I prefer fruit in it. I’d go as far and say vanilla anything I prefer not to have. It has no taste to it. I don’t even cook with vanilla flavoring. I have no use for it.

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