IT 476 Saudi Electronic University Computer Science Worksheet


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IT 476 Saudi Electronic University Computer Science Worksheet
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College of Computing and Informatics
Assignment 1
Deadline: Tuesday 20/9/2022 @ 23:59
[Total Mark for this Assignment is 8]
Student Details:
Name: ###
ID: ###
CRN: ###
• You must submit two separate copies (one Word file and one PDF file) using the Assignment Template on
Blackboard via the allocated folder. These files must not be in compressed format.
• It is your responsibility to check and make sure that you have uploaded both the correct files.
• Zero mark will be given if you try to bypass the SafeAssign (e.g., misspell words, remove spaces between
words, hide characters, use different character sets, convert text into image or languages other than English
or any kind of manipulation).
• Email submission will not be accepted.
• You are advised to make your work clear and well-presented. This includes filling your information on the cover
• You must use this template, failing which will result in zero mark.
• You MUST show all your work, and text must not be converted into an image, unless specified otherwise by
the question.
• Late submission will result in ZERO mark.
• The work should be your own, copying from students or other resources will result in ZERO mark.
• Use Times New Roman font for all your answers.
Question One
Pg. 01
CLO3: Develop
security policies
and put in place
an effective
architecture that
modern hardware
and software
technologies and
Question One
4 Marks
SEU webpage and its electronic services collect and retain Personal Information, such
as when applying for admission or a job with SEU. The university is committed to
protecting your privacy in accordance with SEU Privacy Policy. Please visit the link
( ), read this Privacy Policy carefully, and answer the
following questions:
a. Who are the policy audiences? Note that the policy sometimes applies to people
outside the organization (i.e., business partners, service providers, contractors, or
consultants). [1 mark, 0.5 for each correct audience]
b. List and Identify at least two organizational roles and their responsibilities clearly
defined in the SEU privacy policy.
[2 mark total, 0.5 for each roles, 0.5 for each responsibility]
processes to
implement and
enforce policy.
c. Which one of the security requirements/properties of CIA Triad (i.e.,
Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability) the privacy policy seeks to preserve?
Explain your answer. [1 mark total, 0.5 for the property, 0.5 for the explanation]
Question Two
Pg. 02
CLO4: Analyze
problems related
to the field of
Security and
Question Two
4 Marks
Information Security Policies provide a framework that guides the organization and
protects the assets of that organization. Consider the SEU privacy policy discussed in
Question One, which aims to ensure the privacy of sensitive information. This sensitive
information may be vulnerable to some information security threats.
1. Choose at least one SEU information asset and identify the information
sensitivity level based on SEU privacy policy (i.e., Low, Middle, or Highly
sensitive information).
2. List at least two security threats to the chosen sensitive information asset, two
vulnerabilities that might allow a threat to occur, and two risks resulting from the
threats and vulnerabilities.
Note: Write your answer in the table below. [4 marks total]
[0.5 mark]
[0.5 mark]
[1 mark]
[1 mark]
[1 mark]

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