GEOL 3200 Geologic History of an Oil Field Area Paper


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GEOL 3200 Geologic History of an Oil Field Area Paper
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GEOL 3200 Project
Research the geologic history of an oil field area/hydrocarbon basin (what rocks are there,
geologic structures (describe how they formed), source/reservoir rocks, why/how hydrocarbon or
coal etc. formed there…). Basically, what you would want to know about that area as if you
where deciding to drill for oil there for the first time.
References: You need to have at least three journal or peer-reviewed articles as meaningful
sources for your presentation. No citing materials from web-only sources like Wikipedia.
Presentations/written reports need to have clear structure: Introduction, body section and
PowerPoint Tips:
• Font in PowerPoint need to be 24pt font or greater.
• Use the same font on all slides.
• Use bullet points more than full sentences on slides, but full sentences in the note sections
and include references.
• Use figures and make sure they are not too blurry.
• Make sure to check for spelling
• 10-20 slides
Written reports:
• between 3-6 pages double spaced

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