Fin37 discussions (i need it in one hour)

The discussions should be 100words each

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Fin37 discussions (i need it in one hour)
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Discussion 1



“Valuation” Please respond to the following:



Discussion 2



·         Go to the Millennia Partner’s Website to read the white paper titled “Understanding Valuation: A Venture Investor’s Perspective,” located at Be prepared to discuss.


“Early-Stage Valuation” Please respond to the following:


  • ·         From the e-Activity, building your business venture from Assignment 1 will take time and cash. Identify the one to four (1-4) levels (seed, Series A, Series B, and Series C) of financing that you expect your company will need. Then, outline a strategy for obtaining each level for your business venture. 
  • ·         Take a position on the following statement: When evaluating a small start-up company, valuation becomes more art than science. Support your position with evidence or examples. 


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