Empire Beauty School – Pittsburgh Biology Lab Report


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Empire Beauty School – Pittsburgh Biology Lab Report
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Lab Activity AP2

Eye Dissection –
Identify the major features of the eye, sheep eye specimen
Features external
Stub of Optic Nerve, external fat and soft tissue, muscle remnants, exposed sclera, cornea, iris and pupil
visible underneath
Features internal
3 layers or tunics
Sclera – Cornea
Choroid, Ciliary body/apparatus, Oro Serrata, Lens, Suspensory Ligament remnants, pigmentation, Iris,
Pupil, tapetum
Retina – Overlying Vitreous body, attempt to remove completely and leave retina undisturbed.
Report – One page typed, via Email or Paper Copy, in 2 weeks – On dissection, findings, impressions

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