COMM 2010 Albany State University Television Show Pitch Paper


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COMM 2010 Albany State University Television Show Pitch Paper
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Survey of Mass Communications – COMM 2010
Professor Kim McCullough
Research Paper 1
Outline due: September 15 (GaView)
Paper due: September 29 (In class)
Purpose of the paper: In this paper, you and your group (no more than four students per
group) will develop a new television series, and create a “pitch” for a television production
company. This “pitch” aims to prove that your show will be successful by presenting wellthought-out evidence.
Your paper will address the following elements:
● A description of the television show. The show has to be either a situational comedy,
a drama, or a crime series. No reality shows or “star searches” are allowed. Your
show proposal should contain the following elements: a) major characters and their
backstories, b) setting, c) typical plot situations, and d) possible actors you would
● Your target audience. Who is it, why will this show appeal to them, and what makes
you think this specific audience will want to watch this show, which network or
streaming services could air this show, and why (consider their target audience and
other programs they may/may not broadcast).
● Economic viability: potential advertisers, product placement, as well as spin-offs,
streaming services, merchandising, and syndication.
● Any other elements you might think is relevant to proving the show’s potential
● Paper must be between 3 and 5 pages long.
● Each person must address one of the aspects outlined above.
● You must make it clear who wrote which section of the paper since every person
will be graded individually.
● 1-inch margins
● APA style
If you refer to any literature or show references, please include proper referencing (APA
style), and include a bibliography on a separate page (this will not count towards the five
Attach a cover page that includes the following information:
● Title
● Your name
● Class name and number
● Instructor’s name
● Date
– Please staple your paper in the left-hand corner
Paper I Grading Sheet
Student Name: ________________________
Grammar & spelling (…/15)
Writing style (…/20)
Usage of proper APA style (…/15)
Proper coverage of all required elements (…/25)
Quality of argumentation used (…/25)
Total Grade:

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