California State Polytechnic University Pomona Biology Questions


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California State Polytechnic University Pomona Biology Questions
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164454 Immun…
Summer 2022
PRACTICE Final Exam Ques!ons
Due Sep 2 at 11pm
Points 30
Ques!ons 30
Available Aug 19 at 12am – Sep 2 at 11pm
Time Limit None
Allowed A”empts Unlimited
This is a set of prac!ce ques”ons for the Immunology final exam. There are 30 mul”ple choice and true/false ques”ons.
Both the prac”ce exam and the actual final will cover material from the lecture and reading assignments provided
during Weeks 6-10 of this course. Since the final is not cumula”ve, you will not be directly tested on material from
Weeks 1-5 of the course. All exam ques!ons will be based on topics that were covered in lecture; since the textbook
reading assignments typically include a lot more informa”on beyond lecture materials, please try to focus your reading
and studying primarily on the topics that were discussed specifically in lecture. These prac”ce ques”ons will cover the
exam material at a similar level of depth that you can expect to see on the real final exam. The actual final is open-book
and open-note, so you can obviously consult your lecture recordings, notes, and textbook while taking the prac”ce
This prac!ce exam is only intended as a study tool, and will have no effect on your grade in this course. There is no
“me limit, and you may take this prac”ce exam mul”ple “mes if you wish to do so. For reference, you will have 1.5
hours to complete the actual final exam, which will contain 30 mul”ple choice and true/false ques”ons.
Good luck with your studies!
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A!empt History
A!empt 1
50 minutes
26 out of 30
Submi!ed Aug 30 at 7:15pm
1 / 1 pts
Ques!on 1
Which of the following statements correctly describes Cre/loxP systems of gene”c
Cre expression leads to the genomic dele”on of gene segments
flanked by loxP sequences.
Cre/loxP technology cannot be used tag a cell type with a
fluorescent reporter.
Cre is a “ssue-specific promoter expressed only in kera”nocytes,
and its expression leads to fluorescent labeling of these cells.
Cre is expressed downstream of a “ssue-specific promoter, which
leads to its binding to loxP protein mo”fs.
1 / 1 pts
Ques!on 2
True or False: Transgene expression in inbred mouse strains can be used to model
many types of human diseases, including both pathogenic infec”ons as well as
certain types of cancers.
1 / 1 pts
Ques!on 3
You are planning a mouse experiment where you want to inhibit the ac”vity of the
type I interferon receptor (IFNAR) a#er the mouse is infected with cytomegalovirus
(CMV). Why do you plan on ordering a monoclonal an”-IFNAR1 an”body to use for
your experiment, instead of a polyclonal an”body?
The polyclonal an”body pool may contain clones that bind to
epitopes which ac”vate IFNAR1 instead of inhibi”ng it.
Monoclonal an”bodies contain a pool of mixed specifici”es that
bind to many an”gens besides IFNAR1.
Monoclonal an”bodies are quicker and cheaper to produce.
Polyclonal an”bodies are more difficult to purify from the host
animal used to generate the an”bodies.
1 / 1 pts
Ques!on 4
Which of the following statements about in vivo animal models is true?
They have very few regula”ons regarding their use in research labs
They o#en provide a more physiologically relevant study system
compared to in vitro models
They are more easily manipulated on a gene”c level than cells
They tend to be simpler to work with compared to cells
1 / 1 pts
Ques!on 5
Why does hemoly”c disease of the newborn (HDN) occur?
A mother has an”-Rhesus an”bodies in circula”on, which destroy
Rhesus-posi”ve red blood cells belonging to the developing fetus
Polymeric immunoglobulin receptor (PIgR) deficiency means no IgG
an”bodies are transferred to a fetus in utero
Neutrophils with defec”ve ROS produc”on cannot reduce the dye
nitro blue tetrazolium (NBT)
CD40L deficiency leads to the restric”on of all an”bodies to an
IgM isotype
1 / 1 pts
Ques!on 6
True or False: Monoclonal an”bodies are isolated directly from the serum of an
immunized host animal which is engineered to only produce an”bodies against a
single epitope of a target an”gen.
1 / 1 pts
Ques!on 7
A pa”ent with type AB blood needs an infusion of red blood cells (RBCs). Which
blood type donor can they receive RBCs from?
All blood types; blood type AB is considered a universal RBC
AB only; blood type AB is considered a universal donor
O only
A only
1 / 1 pts
Ques!on 8
True or False: Flow cytometry analysis is conducted using an”bodies conjugated to
an enzyme which converts a substrate molecule into a fluorimetric readout.
0 / 1 pts
Ques!on 9
Which of the following pieces of informa”on cannot be determined using flow
cytometry analysis?
Correct Answer
The size of a target protein
Whether cytotoxic lymphocytes produce perforin
You Answered
Ac”va”on markers expressed by a dendri”c cell
An”gen specificity of a T cell receptor (TCR)
1 / 1 pts
Ques!on 10
A clinical research technician isolates a sample of human peripheral blood
mononuclear cells (PBMCs). Which of the following pieces of informa”on can this
technician determine about the pa”ent’s B cells using flow cytometry analysis?
Mul!ple answers are possible; please select all op!ons that are true.
Whether the pa”ent’s B cells express the markers CD19 and CD10
which are o#en co-expressed in B cell acute lymphoblas”c
leukemia (ALL).
If the pa”ent has B cells expressing a BCR with a par”cular an”gen
If the B cells proliferate in response to incuba”on with pokeweed
mitogen (PWM).
Which an”body isotypes are expressed in circula”on by the
1 / 1 pts
Ques!on 11
What is the purpose of spinning a pa”ent blood sample using density gradient
To quan”fy the concentra”on of target protein in a pa”ent serum
To purify peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) for further
To observe where a protein is expressed within a “ssue sample.
To determine whether agglu”na”on occurs during reverse blood
1 / 1 pts
Ques!on 12
True or False: Both reverse blood grouping and the Coombs test are based on
hemagglu”na”on reac”ons observed when an”bodies from pa”ent serum
recognize an”gens expressed on red blood cells.
0 / 1 pts
Ques!on 13
A researcher harvests cells from a mouse tumor, with the goal of analyzing
professional an”gen-presen”ng cells (APCs) located inside of the tumor. He first
isolates all CD11b-expressing myeloid cells using posi”ve magne”c selec”on, then
stains the purified myeloid cells for flow cytometry analysis. In his flow panel, he
includes an an”-CD11b an”body conjugated to the fluorophore BV421, and an
an”-MHCII an”body conjugated to the fluorophore FITC. When the researcher
runs this sample on a flow cytometer, he sees the following bivariate plot:
Professional APCs express both CD11b and MHCII on their plasma membrane, so
their surface phenotype can be described as CD11b+ MHCII+. Given this
informa”on, which of the box gates in this flow plot is correctly placed around the
professional APC popula”on?
You Answered
Box 1
Correct Answer
Box 2
1 / 1 pts
Ques!on 14
True or False: Vaccine-induced immune memory is mediated only through CD8+ T
1 / 1 pts
Ques!on 15
Which of these non-biological proper”es represent an obstacle to vaccine efficacy?
Lack of infrastructure needed to properly store and transport
All of these represent obstacles to vaccine efficacy.
The presence of alterna”ve disease therapies used to successfully
treat an infec”on
Misinforma”on that supports an”-vaccine sen”ments
Failure to invest in vaccine design research for pathogens that do
not typically cause infec”ons in wealthy countries
1 / 1 pts
Ques!on 16
Which of these is not considered an essen”al feature of an effec”ve vaccine?
Immune protec”on only lasts for 6 months, so the pharmaceu”cal
company can sell more vaccine doses
S”mulates an”body and memory T cell responses that prevent
Immune protec”on is sustained long-term
Safe to use with minimal side effects
1 / 1 pts
Ques!on 17
Which types of residual ingredients found in vaccines can cause allergic reac”ons in
some individuals?
Egg proteins from viruses that were passaged in chicken eggs
Purified an”gen
An”bio”cs AND egg proteins
An”bio”cs used to prevent contamina”on during vaccine
1 / 1 pts
Ques!on 18
Which of the following mechanisms could be used to explain why an autoimmune
disorder was triggered by an infec”on?
Inflamma”on triggers expression of cos”mulatory molecules on
APCs that are loaded with self an”gen
Tissue damage resul”ng from infec”on releases pathogen-derived
Self-reac”ve T cells undergo induced anergy or death by neglect
a#er interac”ng with Treg
Regulatory T cells (Treg) secrete immunosuppressive IL-10, which
inhibits autoreac”ve effector cells
0 / 1 pts
Ques!on 19
A 6 year old girl is exposed to house dust mites (HDM) for the first “me ever. Is this
child at risk of developing rapid onset respiratory symptoms?
Correct Answer
No; HDM hypersensi”vi”es require sensi”za”on (primary
exposure) and effector (secondary exposure) phases
You Answered
Yes; HDM hypersensi”vi”es do NOT require a sensi”za”on phase
upon primary exposure
1 / 1 pts
Ques!on 20
Gra# versus host disease (GVHD) involves which of the following immune
An”bodies from the transplanted donor “ssue lyse host cells via
complement ac”va”on
T cells from the host a!ack transplanted donor “ssue
Macrophages from the host phagocytose and kill transplanted
donor “ssue
T cells from the transplanted donor “ssue a!ack host cells
1 / 1 pts
Ques!on 21
Which important func”on does herd immunity provide?
Increasing the likelihood that suscep”ble individuals can undergo
natural infec”on with a pathogen
Selec”ng for vaccine-resistant escape variants
Distribu”ng vaccines that do not contain thimerosal
Preven”ng infec”on in suscep”ble individuals who cannot be
safely vaccinated
0 / 1 pts
Ques!on 22
True or False: Only environmental factors, such as infec”on or “ssue damage, are
correlated with the development of both allergic hypersensi”vi”es and
autoimmune diseases.
You Answered
Correct Answer
1 / 1 pts
Ques!on 23
What is the primary func”on of autoimmune regulator (AIRE) protein?
Death by neglect of nonfunc”onal thymocytes
Expresses “ssue-specific an”gens (TSAs) in the thymus to establish
central tolerance in T cells
Posi”ve selec”on of early pro-B cells
Establishes chemokine gradients to posi”on thymocytes across
various regions of the thymus
1 / 1 pts
Ques!on 24
Which of the following statements about the an”body isotype IgA is true?
Exists in a pentameric form that ini”ates complement signaling
Responsible for sensi”zing mast cells in Type I hypersensi”vi”es
Cannot be transferred from mother to breas&eeding infant
Important for neutralizing pathogens encountered at mucosal
1 / 1 pts
Ques!on 25
What is the name of the theory used to explain why the incidence of allergies has
risen on a popula”on level in recent decades?
Fetal tolerance
Herd immunity
Immune surveillance
Atopic march
Hygiene hypothesis
1 / 1 pts
Ques!on 26
Which term refers to the specialized set of lymphoid “ssues associated with the
gut, which includes the Peyer’s patches, isolated lymphoid follicles, and mesenteric
lymph nodes?
Crypts and villi
Commensal microbiota
1 / 1 pts
Ques!on 27
True or False: Tumor immunotherapies are only designed to boost T cell ac”va”on,
since innate immune cells and signaling pathways have no effect on an”-tumor
immune responses.
1 / 1 pts
Ques!on 28
The ability to evade immune recogni”on is considered a key hallmark of
transformed cancer cells. Which of these strategies would allow a cancer cell to
avoid being recognized by CD8+ T cells?
Upregula”on of the angiogenic growth factor VEGF
Downregula”on or loss of MHC-I expression at the cell surface
Muta”ons in the cell cycle regulators Kras and p53
Downregula”on or loss of the pro-necropto”c proteins
1 / 1 pts
Ques!on 29
Cancer immunotherapies such as engineered chimeric an”gen receptor (CAR) T
cells and immune checkpoint blockade (ICB) have shown promising results in
trea”ng numerous forms of cancer. However, these powerful therapies can also
trigger severe side effects in some pa”ents. Which of the following side effects
have been observed in pa”ents that receive CAR T cell infusion or ICB?
Contact hypersensi”vity
Cytokine release syndrome and autoimmunity
Herd immunity
Arthus reac”on
1 / 1 pts
Ques!on 30
True or False: Environmental factors such as ultraviolet radia”on, cigare!e smoke,
and viral infec”ons can all lead to genomic damage that ini”ates the process of
oncogenic transforma”on.
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