Bethel University Employment Law Involving Chicago Startup Raise Essay


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Bethel University Employment Law Involving Chicago Startup Raise Essay
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Choose an employment or independent contractor issue involving a small or start-up
business. This may be an issue you are familiar with, or it may be described in a newspaper
or other source. Examples include a business being sued by an employee or group of
employees, a business facing tax or other regulatory concerns over employee withholding
or other workplace issue (such as health or safety violation), or any other aspect involving
how a business employs individuals or subcontractors to accomplish the work.

Prepare a paper that is at least 1,500 words in length that addresses the following:
Describe the business and employment (or independent contractor) issue.
Identify the employment law issues. Include perspectives of both the
employee/independent contractor and employer.
Explore how the business should address this legal issue, and why.
Analyze how you might advise the business owner to minimize future employment-law
Include 3-5 references, other than the text, 2-3 of which are peer reviewed.
Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines, which includes an introduction,
in-text citations, a conclusion and a reference page. All substantive portions, including subcategories within the body of the paper, must include headings. Please refer to the example
of a properly formatted APA paper that is available in the Center for Writing Excellence in
the university library.

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