Becoming a Successful Writer by Creating and Identifying Rhetorical Situations Essay


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Becoming a Successful Writer by Creating and Identifying Rhetorical Situations Essay
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If you need a refresher on the project requirements, return to the Project One Overview.
Remember that the guiding question for this project is, “What do I know about
writing in different writing situations, and what writing knowledge will help me
write for any situation, in college and beyond?”
You must discuss the writing concepts and include examples of the concepts as
you identify them in the writing samples we’ve read in class, with detailed
explanation to support your ideas about the writing concepts.
Your draft should run approximately 1,000 to 1,500 words or 4 to 6 double-spaced
pages. You do not need a Works Cited unless you use sources from outside the
You might plan your draft something like this:

Plan to discuss the concepts that are important for a writer to know when
writing in different situations — which, if any, are more important for writers
to consider than others, and which order of importance would you put them if
any? Which concepts are connected most closely and can you provide an
What are examples from the readings you can use to support your points
about these concepts — for example, what are you planning to discuss about
genre and can you use examples from the commencement addresses we read
to support the points you’re making?
What did you say about the writing concepts in the assignments throughout
Project One so far? What points did you make in those assignments that you
might expand on for your draft?
Are there ideas about writing you brought to this class that you can compare
to your growing knowledge of the writing concepts and what strikes you as
important to keep or to discard from that prior knowledge?
Why do you think the rhetorical situation is an important foundation of
knowledge for writers?
What does a writer need to know when approaching a writing situation? What
knowledge will that writer be able to draw upon to develop their writing for a
situation they’ve never been in before?
What knowledge about writing matters most, based on what you’ve learned
so far and what you think overall, for a writer to be successful?
Be sure you support your points or claims about what’s important in writing with
examples from the course reading so far. Use those examples to illustrate or “prove” a
point rather than leaving it up to your opinion. Remember, this is an analysis essay, so
analyze the writing you are learning about and include some interpretation or
assumption, but stay clear of personal opinion that isn’t supported by evidence or
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