ART 100 Cuyamaca College The Young Shepherdess Summary


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ART 100 Cuyamaca College The Young Shepherdess Summary
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Make sure your art choice is something YOU saw IN PERSON, and that YOU took the photo.
For this Summary topic, we’re going to approach art interpretation by way of FORMAL ANALYSIS.

Within this week’s module, I’ve made of document of some free art viewing in SD county. You don’t have to go to one of the locations from my list, those are just meant to help you out. If you know of a public art that you would like to discuss, feel free to choose your option. The most important aspect of the art selection, is that the art must be right in front of you.
We’re going to borrow from the textbook and use this set of questions to guide your analysis. You must cut and paste this bullet-ed and numbered format and use it in your summary.

Choose one art work from an in person experience, and NOT from seeing the art in a book, or Internet. 
Provide an image of the artwork- it can be a selfie or just the art, but it MUST be taken by you and not from the Internet. 
Be considerate of the arts location….If it’s in a public space, it’s site specific. Relate this back to your selected artwork and how the artwork appears to be related to the location.

Title of work, date, size, medium, and subject matter
Location of the art (city, neighborhood)
First glance (What caught your eye?)
How are the elements applied in the work? (chapter 2 terms)
What is around the work (next to, behind, above, nearby, etc.)?
What is your personal interpretation? How do you feel about it?

In addition to the list of places to view art (within the document in this week’s module), you can also go to ANY museum, or just even the grounds of Balboa Park!

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