Anglia Ruskin University Human Sexuality Psychology Dioscussion

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Anglia Ruskin University Human Sexuality Psychology Dioscussion
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This week we discussed different types of touch and the benefits for them. One of the many taboo topics we have in our culture still is that of masturbation. What were your family of origin’s thoughts on masturbation? Positive, negative, neutral. What is one thing you have learned about this topic that you did not expect would be true?   

Chapter 6: Sexual
Behaviors: Experiencing
Sexual Pleasure
By Roger R. Hock
Historical Perspective
• Masturbation Will be the Death of You…
• Sexology, 1904
Dr. William
H. Walling
Your Sexual Comfort Zone
• Erotophobia-Erotophilia – A measure of sexual comfort
• Sexual Opinion Survey (SOS)
• Self-Discovery: Finding your sexual comfort zone
• Why your SOS Score is Important
• Effects on attitudes and behaviors (Table 6.1)
• Sources of your SOS Score
• The Sexual Inhibition and Sexual Excitation Scales (SIS/SES)
Solitary and Shared Sexual Behaviors
• Solitary
• Fantasy
• Masturbation
• Shared
• Sex
• Some risk for contracting and transmitting sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
Sexual Fantasy
• Positive Functions of Sexual Fantasy
• When Sexual Fantasies May Cause Problems
• Some feel fantasies are somehow wrong, sinful, or immoral.
Sexual Fantasy
• Sex Differences in the Experience and Content of Sexual Fantasy
• Many in common for women and men
Sexual Fantasy
• Fantasy Versus Reality
• Using Sexual Fantasy to Enhance Your Relationship
• Sexual Fantasy Online
• Self-Discovery: What turns you on?
• Evaluating Sexual Research: Self-reporting of personal information
• Changing Attitudes about Masturbation
• Former U.S. Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders
• Benefits of masturbation (Table 6.6)
• Masturbation within an Intimate Relationship
• Techniques of Masturbation
• Position
• Touch for men
• Touch for women
• Orgasm
• Use of lubricants and vibrators
Erotic Touch
• How to Touch Your Partner
• Kissing
• Touching the Breasts and Nipples
• Genital Touching
Oral Sex
Why Some
People Like
Oral Sex
Why Some
People Object
to Oral Sex
In Touch with
Your Sexual
Health: Oral
sex and STIs
Anal Stimulation
• Anal intercourse
• Manual stimulation of the anal area
• Anilingus
• Oral-anal stimulation
• Cautions regarding anal intercourse
• Highest-risk sexual behavior for the transmission of virtually all STIs
• Positions for Coitus
• Man on Top, Face to Face
• Woman on Top, Face to Face
• Side by Side, Face to Face
• Rear Entry
• Frequency and Duration of Coitus
• Coitus and Orgasm

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